Toddlers and Exercise-a disastrous combination?

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Friday and weigh in day. I’m self employed and generally don’t work Fridays. This is due to me having a 20 month old and my sister doesn’t work Fridays either. Her daughter is a year older than mine so it gives us a day to do things together. I also found a great meeting with an inspiring leader on a Friday morning so Friday is MY day. Had a little gain this morning-usually do on a week when I’ve been working away. We took the girls to a play centre and my sister wanted to do some exercise. I don’t normally exercise on weigh in day because as we know nothing we do or eat after a weigh in counts but let’s leave that for another day.  I suggested getting my Charlotte Crosby DVD and doing that whilst the girls played in her conservatory. So we got changed put on our weighted piloxing gloves-if you want a high energy tough workout I would recommend a piloxing class. Unfortunately I have an issue with my arches on my feet that I won’t bore you with so high impact training is a no go- this also means I can’t go running which obviously I’m devastated about ;). Anyway back to the session. At the start of the session the girls were playing nicely but they soon became curious as to what we were doing and started to watch. When we started doing press ups they both got down on the floor and tried to do them too then were asking why we weren’t stood up and trying to pull us up. The next minute I was whacked on the head and my fingers were run over by a dolls buggy. But still we persevered. We even managed to feed them dinner during the instruction bits. There was a fair amount of interrupting as screams of ‘that’s mine’ happened but still we carried on. Then came the stickers. Whilst lying on the floor doing bum lifts my daughter was happily sticking sparkly lady bug and worm stickers on my top. Nearly an hour later we were done. There were stickers everywhere, macaroni cheese all over the floor and there had been a fair amount of tantrums although that was just from my sister and I! Toddlers and exercise sometimes it’s the only option-as they say on the DVD you won’t get a good bum by sitting on it!


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