How easily a halo can slip

Weight Watchers

This weekend saw a trip to Gulliver’s World with my husband, our daughter and my 2.5 year old niece. We decided to take a picnic and I was very proud of myself for making sandwich thins with salad and spread cheese on plus I took grapes and Weight Watchers crisps and chocolate bar for myself just in case I wanted an ‘unhealthy’ snack. We did lots of walking-we were in there for 4 hours! (I had also completed a tough workout with a personal trainer at the gym before we went so my Weight Watchers halo was positively glowing!) as we got near the end of the park we decided to take them on a ride that was on planes. So all 4 of us got into the plane and we were ready to go. The ride started and all the planes started to lift into the air-all the planes that is apart from ours! My husband laughed and said that we must be too heavy. He was joking (there were other planes with 2 men and 2 children in) however, I sat there and thought ‘oh my god that’s what people must think!’. To put this in perspective I should tell you that my husband has never had a weight problem-he is one of those annoying people who can eat a bowl of cereal or toast at breakfast then not eat until the end of the day if at all because he’s just ‘not hungry’ so his weight was not a problem on the ride. I’m a size 14 (16 on a bad day) so realistically as my sister pointed out it wouldn’t have been our weight compared to some of the other adults on the ride but I was really embarrassed by it. We did end up with our plane in the air it just was a little slower getting going. What I should have then done was forgot about it and carried on with the day. However, I’m a dweller and when I dwell I eat. When we got home I ended up eating one of my husbands sandwiches (he’s also one of those people who doesn’t feel the need to it something just because it’s there) his sandwich was Warbies toastie bread with cheese and tomato and my god it was lovely. The halo had started to slip and it was about to come crashing down to the ground with an almighty bang…..Saturday evening saw me eat Gorgonzola, Brie and Jarlsberg cheese on Melba Toasts washed down with a bottle and a half of white wine. I did point it all the result being all my weekly points are ‘spent’ plus a couple of activity points. The benefit/problem of being weighed on a Friday means you get 49 new shiny points to spend from Saturday (as we have already agreed what you eat on weigh in day doesn’t count so the 49 doesn’t kick in until Saturday) and mine have now all been spent 😦 So it’s damage limitation time. I rejoined the gym today as I have been exercising at home and the fitness classes I use to attend finished in May so I’ve been a little off the ball with it. Had a tough weights session this morning with more sessions planned in throughout the week-its time to get back in the game and get my weight ‘flying’ off


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