Best Laid Plans……

Weight Watchers

It’s all in the planning apparently. So I planned to ‘do’ weight watchers this week every day (even when I was working away). Sunday I did a gym session and stuck to my points all day. Monday I was delivering training (I am a Business Trainer) so although it was a bit manic getting breakfast sorted plus get ready for work and sort my daughter out for nursery (how do people do that every day?!) I managed to have a good breakfast of tomatoes, mushrooms and boiled egg on a crumpet-great tip from my leader, cut the crumpet in half then it’s like having 2 🙂 lunch I took with me and it was tuna salad. I did not eat any biscuits in my venue despite having a small weakness to custard creams dipped in tea. I had planned a gym session with my sister after work, once I got back from the gym I had peach and plum Cheshire cheese melt. I didn’t even use all my dailies which is unusual. Today I decided to do a Filling and Healthy day as I was delivering online training sessions then travelling from Manchester to Birmingham to deliver a course tomorrow.  For those who don’t know Weight Watchers you eat from a list of Filling and Healthy foods and have nothing else. No weighing or measuring. So it was eggs and beans on toast for breakfast, jacket with cottage cheese and beans for lunch and I made quinoa and salmon salad for my tea. The plan being that as I have travelled to Birmingham after work I would eat it once I got to the hotel. I also managed to squeeze a 30 minute training session in during my lunch break by doing some of Charlotte Crosbys DVD.  All good. However, something then happened that annoyed me and stressed me out. Before I knew it a bottle of red wine was in my suitcase followed by melba toast and cheese and the salad was left in the fridge. The devil and angel on my shoulder argued for a while but then came to a compromise that ok it was bad BUT the cheese was low fat spread and weight watchers hard cheese when previously I would have bought a baguette and various cheeses to go with it so this is progress. Ok I had changed from the plan but it wasn’t too bad. Arrived at the hotel and the devil popped up again- ‘why eat low fat cheese when you can get some cheese garlic bread in the restaurant?’ he asked. So off I went to the restaurant to get my cheese garlic bread (which I’m currently enjoying in my hotel room with a glass of red). There is also another problem. Buy one get one free on drinks. ‘Would you like two glasses of wine for the price of one?’ Well the answer to that is never going to be no! So tomorrow I’m planning a F&H day. Poached eggs and beans in the hotel for breakfast then the nearest place for lunch is Asda so I’m planning on getting a salad with prawns to go with it then I’ve still got the salmon and quinoa salad when I arrive home late tomorrow night. Well that’s the plan anyway…….


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