There may be trouble ahead……


Weigh in yesterday and I lost a pound which is good considering my cheese and wine slip ups-must have been the exercise.  I get weighed in the morning then the day was spent at Chester Zoo with family and friends and my Fitbit was at nearly 19000 steps by the time I went to bed-that will be enough to burn off the mint Cornetto I had whilst I was there! I did take a nice healthy picnic though aswell. Today started with a tough intense gym session with a personal trainer so we are nicely on track. We are having take away tonight-haven’t had one for ages and I can point a 7in pizza so that’s not too bad. However, it was my husbands birthday on Thursday and we are spending the night away tomorrow for it. I have checked the hotel menu and I can have salmon (see I can be a good Weight Watcher at times) it will be the wine that will do the damage (as you know I can also be a bad one!) Monday morning will see us having a hotel breakfast to cure a hangover-it’s not often we get a child free night and morning so I’m assuming we will have a fair few drinks. My mum and step dad are going to Australia on Tuesday for 3 months so we are going out for a family meal on Monday and I have already decided I’m having cheese and onion pie. Yes, yes I know a good Weight Watcher would have something less full of ‘bad’ fats but we are going to The Same Yet in Prestwich and their cheese and onion pie is delicious plus it comes with mushy peas which is one of my favourite foods 🙂 It will also be washed down with a few glasses of wine to say Bon Voyage! I have a couple of gym sessions booked in during the week and I’ve also just worked out a fish pie recipe that I’ll make on Tuesday. Its got to be about damage limitation where I can. I’m working in Ireland on Thursday.  I am doing there and back in a day so it’s going to be a long day and I’ve no idea what the food situation will be and I don’t know about you but after I come off a plane I’m always really bloated for a few days so god knows what the scales will say on Friday morning. There are more trips to Ireland planned. In fact I am working in Ireland more than England in September so as I said there may be trouble ahead…..


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