The Fear Of Being Hungry

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After my meals out, self sabotage and working away I only put a pound on-and I was still bloated from the flight so maybe I’m not as bad a weight watcher as I thought. For example, in the airport waiting for my flight home I was faced with all sorts of dinner options from Burger King to pizzas and fish and chips. It didn’t enter my head to order any of these and had a spinach and potato fritter with a little bit of cheese (let’s forget about the cheeky small glass of red, I won’t tell anyone if you won’t ūüėČ ) I also exercised to counter balance any damage. I have quite a few sessions planned this week. My first being with my personal trainer in a couple of hours.
I’m working away¬†from Sunday to Tuesday¬†and as I will be away in Ireland I’m taking my Charlotte Crosby DVD with me to do in the hotel and I’ve planned what I will be eating when I get back. I made a lovely quick cheese sauce yesterday-10pp of light double cream, 6pp of half fat cheese with a splash of milk and split it into 4 portions which I’ve froze so I can just throw it on top of frozen veg that I can cook in the microwave.
That’s all good, however, I have for DAYS been thinking about what I will eat¬†Sunday to Tuesday. Not so much what I will have at meals as I will make the best choices I can out of the options available to me. No I have been consumed with the FEAR OF BEING HUNGRY. This is a huge problem for me when I work away. What if I get hungry when I’m in my hotel room?? This is why I end up at a supermarket buying cheese and wine and opting not to eat in the hotel restaurant so I can literally ‘graze’ all night. My trip to Ireland will be different though as I won’t have my car with me to just nip to the supermarket and the training I’m delivering is in the hotel so I will land at the airport mid¬†afternoon tomorrow¬†and get a cab to the hotel then not leave there until I head back to the airport¬†on Tuesday afternoon¬†which has got me all panicked about being hungry. So now I’m thinking about what I can take with me in case I get hungry. I can’t take fresh food like fruit in my suitcase. I’m not sure I can get away with taking Babybels either so at the moment it’s going to be low pointed crisps and cereal/chocolate bars.
This preoccupation with what I can eat in 3 days time made me think about other times when the thought of food had overridden everything else and I do it every day. What if I get hungry at night and I don’t have any points left? When I’m on a day out what if I get hungry? This then causes me to stuff myself before I go. Something else I should mention is that I’m a pescatarian (which is the official term for a vegetarian who eats fish) so quite often food choices are limited depending on where we are going which then gives me the fear of being hungry. When I go on holiday I eat a huge breakfast before we go because I don’t know how long it will be until my next meal or we have a wedding or christening I do exactly the same. I also am VERY reluctant to share my food-what if I share it and then later I get hungry? Ok I’m full now but I best clear my plate because what if I get hungry later and I’m not near food? ¬†I’m not quite sure how I get over this fear but if anyone is at Manchester airport¬†on Sunday afternoon¬†and see a suitcase being hauled off for an inspection it’s probably because it’s got half my fridge in it…..

One thought on “The Fear Of Being Hungry

  1. Aaaw, I recognise this. I’m not quite as manic about it (no offence intended!), but I have those thoughts too. I’ve gotten better though, and I think for one thing it takes time. Another thing is just to think about so what if you get hungry? Yes, it’s unpleasant and undesirable, but it’s not the end of the world. Not to get too shrink on you, but try to examine the reasons why you’re so afraid of getting hungry. Maybe glimpsing the mechanisms/patterns behind it can help you let it go a little.


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