My Knickers Are Falling Down

weight loss, Weight Watchers

Yes they are-and no it’s not due to the elastic going in them. It’s a good thing as it means I’m losing weight-or getting smaller (weight v measurements and muscle density we will save for another day). However, I don’t really have a bum to start off with. That is my shape and I’m perfectly happy with that. No matter how many squats I do I’m not going to be Bootilicious Beyoncé style. So although it’s great as it means weight is coming off I would really rather it went from elsewhere. Like the places that it goes onto first when I put weight on. Why can’t the weight come off my stomach, hips or arms where the fat attaches itself to in the first place?? Other than my bum it also comes off my waist which you would think would be good but that actually then makes my stomach appear larger and I’m sure people think I’m pregnant when the reality is my ‘baby’ is a walking talking 21 month old. The places that I’m ‘skinny’ are my ankles, wrists and fingers-but seriously who celebrates skinny fingers?? I’d rather have smaller thighs. I do like my dainty wrists although what is the point of skinny wrists and dainty hands when the top of my arms are fat? It just looks like I’m walking around with two elephant trunks attached to my shoulders! I know it will all proportion itself out in the end and with eating correctly and challenging workouts my elephant trunks will look lovely and defined, I won’t look pregnant but the reality is I will still have no bum. So spare a thought for anyone you see trying to discreetly pull their knickers up at the back. They might not be Beyoncé but I bet they are Bootilicious all the same 🙂


One thought on “My Knickers Are Falling Down

  1. Hah, I feel ya.. I have the same thing but with boobs.. I mean I’m thrilled that I can wear a size (actually almost 2) smaller jeans, but I may need to go down to an A cup again sometime soon, which totally bums me out. Nothing wrong with smaller boobs if your body is proportional. But mine is, shall we say, not.. And it’s totally not fair as pretty much all the women on both sides of my family have big boobs. Genetically I should be solid.


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