The Week I Went Back To School

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After a cheese and wine night last Saturday and takeaway pizza on Sunday I went back to school on Monday (if you’ve not read it already see my previous blog). I’m happy to report a did get an A in Health Studies with a 1.5 pound loss on Friday morning. ☺️

Here are some things I learnt:
It is possible to have a stressful day and not have to sink into a vat of wine (no drinking on a school night!)
I don’t need to have supper -even if I have got points left over- if I’m not hungry (I do like a hot chocolate and some toast before bed)
Planning works! I’m not a fan of planning what to eat each day as how on earth do I know what I will want for my breakfast next Wednesday?? (I know this works for some but I find it too restrictive and then if I don’t fancy what’s on the menu that day I end up eating something I shouldn’t) what I did instead was buy a blackboard and wrote down different breakfast, lunches and dinners I could have during the week based on what I had in and ticked them off as I had them
Taking time out to prep meals is key. I spent a day cooking meals that could be ready easily during the week
Here are some of the meals I ate that kept me on track:
Teriyaki scallops with vegetables
Quorn spag bol with courgette ‘spaghetti’
Roasted vegetables, figs and goats cheese
Vegetable lasagne made using aubergine slices instead of pasta
Leek cannelloni using leeks instead of pasta
Quorn ham ‘cupcakes’
Tomato onion and cheese fritter
Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
Peanut butter and bananas on toast
I have eaten well all week and not felt deprived.
Now I’m off to get creative and write on my blackboard for this week!

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