Emotional Eating

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Ok, I think it’s about time we spoke about the elephant in the room (and I don’t mean me!) I mean that big old elephant that we try to ignore but can’t-emotional eating.
A few things have happened to me in the last few days where emotional eating has reared its big ole trunk.
On Saturday my 21 month old daughter tripped in the house and when I went to pick her up I quickly realised something was very wrong and that she wasn’t breathing. I don’t know how I identified it but I realised she had choked on something she had been eating when she tripped. Luckily my instincts kicked in, I tipped her upside down gave her some short smacks to her back and the offending object came up and she was ok. On the way back from the hospital after I thought ‘I’m going to go and get chips from the chippy’ I quickly thought that was a ridiculous thought and had my homemade aubergine vegetable lasagne instead. I didn’t eat then for the rest of the day because I felt sick at what had happened. However, I had wine on Saturday night because (and I’m sure you will agree)  I ‘deserved’ it. Sunday day I still couldn’t eat but then as the shock wore off by Sunday night I decided to ‘treat’ myself to cheese and wine.
Monday arrived and I was due to travel to Birmingham to stay overnight for work the next day. I had this all under control. Breakfast was toast followed by a gym session with my PT. Lunch was going to be my home-made leek cannelloni and I was going to take my home-made tomato, onion and cheese fritter with salad for my tea then lock myself in my hotel room so I wouldn’t go and get wine from the bar. That was the plan. However, after the gym I went to my sisters. We have just launched a printing business (you can check out our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/jkprintinguk ) and we have designed some personalised Halloween Trick or Treat bags and in the space of 10 minutes we had 11 orders come in. We were so fired up that it meant a ‘celebration’ this saw a trip to Asda where I bought a Quorn pork pie to have with a cheese salad for lunch and a bottle of red plus a granary baguette and some cheese for when I got to the hotel. I knew I was letting myself down but again I felt I ‘deserved’ it.
When did this happen? When did I decide to ‘treat’ myself by putting poisons and unhealthy fats into my body? Why didn’t I ‘treat’ myself to a book, relaxing bath or a really nutritious  meal? The truth is I’ve been doing it for years.
The huge problem with emotional eating is that we are emotional all the time! Weather that’s sad, upset, elated or bored it quickly becomes an excuse to eat.
It’s a hard habit to break but as I did resist the chippy I know it can be done with some (actually ALOT) of brain retraining. It’s time that elephant left the room!


2 thoughts on “Emotional Eating

  1. That is basically the short version of “why I got fat”. I deserve so and so because I did something good, or I deserve so and so because I feel down, I’m tired, I’m stressed… I definitely do think it’s possible to break those habits though. I just think that if it’s something we’ve built up over many years we have to be prepared that it may take years to break the habits also.


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