Life Is Too Short To Diet

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After what happened last weekend -see previous blog-somebody said to me ‘I bet you thought forget the diet life’s too short’ and she’s right I did for a while! (Although I pulled it back with a 1lb loss today) . The comment however made me think of my dad.

My dad is quite short (for our weddings we couldn’t have tops and tails as bless him he would have looked like a penguin!) and when I was little I don’t recall thinking of him as overweight but over the years the belly certainly grew and as he’s short it shows more but that was just our dad.
As we hit our 20s and then 30s my sisters and I became more concerned about my dads weight. When we approached him about it he would say ‘I’m in my 60s I haven’t got long left so if I want to enjoy a few pints of bitter or a pork pie I will!’ His other argument was that he didn’t ‘really eat alot’ by this he meant that he ‘only’ ate 4 pork pies for breakfast and ‘only’ had a few sausage rolls for lunch and that was it! We tried on numerous occasions to say yes we understood were he was coming from that life was too short to ‘deprive’ yourself but actually by eating like he was ‘depriving’ himself of his life and making it shorter than it needed to be. The tipping point for him came when he went to see his doctor who had been away for a few months. My sister went with him and she said the look of horror on the doctors face at his weight was a wake up call for him. The doctor weighed him and he weighed 19 and a half stone. Bearing in mind that he is also short this put him grossly overweight. The next day he asked me about Weight Watchers. I went through it with him and he did Filling &Healthy (F&H) for a week before joining a class and he already weighed 7lb less than he had at the doctors. That was last August. Just over a year later he has lost over 6 stone and hit goal this week. His eating habits have changed so dramatically and I’m so proud of what he has achieved. His health is much better now, his doctor has been on a years sabbatical so he will see her in a couple of weeks for the first time in over a year and he’s so excited about showing her how far he has come. He said he doesn’t feel like he’s on a diet as as he follows F&H (he had a stroke many years ago and counting points would be too confusing for him) and he is loving his meals. I feel so proud when I listen to him talking about his food options and he can’t believe how much he is eating. If he can change his habits after all those years of eating poorly then so can I so I’m the best possible healthy role model for my daughter because I want to be here for as long as possible and a healthy life style will help that because as we know life’s too short

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