The Week I Went To Ireland

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I am writing this from Cork airport.
I have been working away in Ireland this week and as we know when I work away the angel stays at home and the devil comes with me-there is only so much baggage allowance you are allowed after all 😉
Monday morning started great as I was at home and I had a boiled egg with tinned tomatoes and spinach on toast. So far so good. Then off to the airport I went-it was after I had checked in that I realised the devil had come with me as he steered me to the bar for a glass of wine-he argued that it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is when you are at the airport you have a drink (you already know this though don’t you ).
I bought a sandwich to eat on the plane as I knew it would be quite a while until I ate again ( up again comes my Fear Of Being Hungry or FOBH for short). I settled into my flight and again as the devil told me you always have a drink on the plane! So it was wine to go with my sandwich. I arrived in Dublin and I met my colleague at the hotel. I knew we were having dinner and drinks so that was fine. However it was then I discovered that Ireland doesn’t really ‘do’ vegetarian food. As I eat fish that wasn’t too bad but my only option was fish and chips so that would have to do. It was breaded fish not battered and I didn’t eat all of it.
The next morning breakfast was scrambled egg, mushrooms and a slice of toast before I set off for my next town. After delivering in a beautiful place called Newbridge I had an hours drive to my next venue to deliver a training course that was being delivered in 90 minutes time so it was a sandwich in the car. There was one egg sandwich in the shop the rest contained meat but actually that is a good thing as it meant I couldn’t get a cheese one!
I continued to Tullamore for my next session then I had a 2 hour drive to Waterford.
I had brought WW sweets with me for my journey-what is it about eating in the car on a journey?? I think this steams from my childhood when we would go on days out and take food with us-you can’t beat a soggy cheese and tomato sandwich 🙂 anyway I digress I arrived at my hotel and it was a Travelodge which was awful. I’m sure they are great for quick stop overs but when you are away from your family for days on end a nice hotel makes things better. To cap this the ‘restaurant’ next door was a greasy diner that only served burgers and the one veggie option was a spicy wrap. A-I don’t like spicy food and B-a wrap for dinner after all that travelling?? I could have cried.
Instead I stropped off to the nearest supermarket and bought crackers cheese and wine-yes I know this was very very bad (I did have the devil with me remember) but buying a plain salad was not going to cut it!
The breakfast option the next morning at said diner wasn’t as bad as I thought and I had a lovely vegetable omelette. After training I had lunch with a client which was a quick sandwich in O’Briens (tuna with capers plus cheese in case you were wondering) as I had to travel to my next venue. My afternoon session had been pulled so I was able to get on my way earlier.
So on I went to my 2 hour journey to Macroom in Cork. The towns and scenery I saw along the way were simply stunning.
I arrived mid afternoon and I felt drained from all the travel and lack of ‘proper’ food. I wasn’t in the mood to exercise-although optimistically I had brought along my gym gear and Charlotte Crosby DVD I also brought my swimsuit as I knew this final hotel had a swimming pool.
Instead of doing the Charlotte DVD I decided to have a walk around the town in the lovely sunshine then I did 20 lengths in the pool and 10 minutes in the steam room. I think it’s really important that with the stresses of everyday life it’s important to find time to distress and this was great as I don’t usually swim as I prefer weight training strength exercises that get the heart going but it was a nice change and my muscles certainly felt it.
Dinner that evening was mushroom soup as I knew I would need to spend some time working and I nibbled on the remaining cheese and washed it down with wine. By this point I was craving vegetables!
Breakfast today was smoked salmon and scrambled egg for breakfast and lunch was provided in the form of a carvery. The veggie option was vegetable and lentil nut loaf which I had with mashed potatoes, cabbage and swede and carrot and it was delicious.
So today was good-I was even faced with scones, cream and jam but I didn’t eat a full one, or even half of one. I just had 2 bites to satisfy me because had I said to myself I couldn’t have had it I probably would have wolfed down a full one! My leader says ‘if you want something cut it in half’ I think this is great advice as you don’t feel deprived but don’t overdo it either.
Now here I am at the airport-I don’t even need to tell you I had a glass of wine because as we have already established airport drinking is mandatory whatever time (it’s 6.30pm so that’s even more acceptable). I had a bag of crisps and I have bought a sandwich to eat on the plane-although again due to limited options there is no cheese but tuna and sweetcorn. I’m beginning to think that Ireland doesn’t sell cheese sandwiches but it won’t be long before I get the chance to search for one as I’m back here again next week for 3 days. This time I’m hoping the devil will stay at home and my angel will come with me instead….

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