Feeling In Control

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After 2 weeks of working away I am at home this week-2 days working from home 2 days delivering training in Manchester so I’m home every night. The difference in my eating and my behaviour is miles away from what is has been over the last 2 weeks.
I spent Sunday in the kitchen with my little munchkin who loves to help-I’ve bought her a pretend kitchen for Christmas and I’m a bit concerned she’s going to be disappointed that she can’t actually cook on it. At nearly 22 months old she’s already a dab hand at scrambled egg and buttering toast!
On Friday I had a disastrous attempt at making meringues-I don’t have an electric whisk as I’ve never had the need for one and my sister and I spent ages taking turns to whisk it with a hand whisk-didn’t need the gym that day the arm muscles certainly got a workout! Anyway I then was left with egg yolks which I didn’t want to waste so I mixed it with cottage cheese and we threw in Quorn ham, onions, tomatoes and spinach. 12pp for it all but it will easily go twice. It looks a bit messy but that’s because I let Scarlett put everything in the dish 🙂
We then made cheese and onion pie. As we know I have an addiction to all things cheese related and I love cheese and onion pie-I won’t even tell you about the incident when I was pregnant and the restaurant had run out of cheese and onion pie and none of my friends wanted to tell me-‘tell a pregnant Jacki that there is no cheese and onion pie?? are you mad??!’
So I have been looking for recipes and drew some inspiration and tips for them-for example bulking it out with cauliflower or potato. I used 2 onions and about 5 cauliflower heads (I use frozen so defrosted then squeezed out the excess water) I then moved on to measuring out filo pastry (4pp) whilst Scarlett began the taste test early and started chomping on the raw onions and cauliflower. Next I measured out 2pp of cottage cheese-whilst attempting to stop Scarlett eating the filo pastry-for some reason she was enthralled by the pastry. When I took it out the packet and started to unroll it she was saying ‘oohhh’ like it was something magical. I then finely grated 6pp of cheese -I used full fat mature cheddar as it has a better taste. All the ingredients were then put in a mixing bowl with a teaspoon of mustard powder and Scarlett mixed it all together. The whole filling was 10pp.
I then realised that I had made too much for one pie so ended up with 2. The filling then was 5pp per pie and the pastry was 4pp bringing the whole pie to just 9pp. Portion wise half of it was a really good serving or it could be split into 3.
After a Sunday dinner of swede and carrot, new potatoes and quorn beef I still had the cooking bug and thought ahead to evening food for a film my husband and I were going to watch. I’ve been thinking about making prawn toast for a while so mashed up 150g prawns with egg white  and teaspoon of soy sauce I then spread them over bread-you can choose whatever bread you like. I personally used Warburtons 400g wholemeal loaf and the mixture went across 3 pieces. I then sprinkled sesame seeds over them. For all 3 pieces it worked out at 10 pp-not that I ate all 3 slices! I sprayed a tray with a misting of oil then put them in the oven until they were crispy. They were gorgeous!
I was delivering online training from home yesterday so in between sessions I made lentil casserole in the slow cooker-just threw in a bag of casserole mix from Asda 6pp red lentils, 4pp potatoes, tin of tomatoes, cumin and coriander and left it on all day. This has been split into 3 portions.
I also made celeriac and apple soup. I have never made this before and took inspiration from Jamie Oliver but adjusted it slightly so its 0pp http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/apple-celeriac-soup/#deLDQVzkP4Q3Y80W.97
This is what I am going to be having for lunch with some garlic croutons made by toasting bread, spreading garlic on it then finish it off in the oven,
I could quite happily do some more cooking today but I am running out of storage boxes and room in the freezer!
I feel so much better than I did when I was working away drinking wine every night and living on sandwiches. I feel more alert and have bags more energy.
I’ve got some lovely meals planned for the rest of the week-I’m literally spoilt for choice.
My friends often compare me to Monica Geller from Friends who is nothing short of a control freak so to say I’m buzzing around the place with all this control is an understatement. This is why I like Weight Watchers too, because it has rules and in the words of Monica ‘Rules help control the fun!’
monica control

4 thoughts on “Feeling In Control

  1. That cheese and onion pie looks magical. I think the ingredients are going on my next shopping list! It definitely looks like the kind of food that could get a denied pregnant woman into a rage! lol


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