Dreams Or Excuses

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Once again I find myself sat in an airport in Ireland-Cork to be specific. However, this time I am not with glass of wine in hand. My last blog was quite cathartic for me and I feel like a switch has been flicked. I was reminded over weekend of something my business partner had once said to me ‘you can have your dreams or you can have your excuses but you can’t have both’

So what is your dream? Mine is to be a happy, health, firm and slim size 12-actually this is a dream so let’s go for a size 10 which I’ve not been for about 8 years.
That’s the dream bit sorted
Now let’s address the excuses-these aren’t necessarily mine but ones I have heard along the way:
No time to cook
No time to exercise
Too expensive to eat ‘healthily’
Don’t want to have to weigh and measure things
I work away
Don’t want to have to restrict certain foods as it makes me want them even more
Sounds complicated
Sounds like hard work
I’m happy with the size I am (I’m sorry but out of all the excuses I don’t buy this one for a second. I don’t agree that you are happy if you are squeezing into clothes that are too tight, or your legs rub together when you walk, or you are out of breath walking up the stairs or you can’t keep up with the kids running around or you have numerous health problems).
There are probably many other excuses that you have heard or used-I would be interested to hear any weird and wonderful ones.
In order to achieve my dream I need to address my excuses-my leader must be so tired of me standing on the scales on a Friday after a week working away! However, working away is not a carte blanche excuse to throw sensible healthy eating out of the window which I have been doing for a long time. Now as a one off this is fine but when you are working away 6-7 days of the month it’s no longer fine and has a huge impact on health and weight. So on Sunday I decided that yes I was restricted to what I could control but I was going to make a conscious effort instead of reaching for comfort food and drink.
Monday morning there was no wine drinking in the airport-although my flight was 9am so I would have been pretty concerned if I had wanted a wine at that time-generally anytime after 11 is considered acceptable by me 😉  I did buy a sandwich as I had only had half a piece of toast at home at 6.30 (see how easy it is so gain new bad habits-I have taken to eating a sandwich on an hours flight !) but I decided I wasn’t hungry so didn’t eat it.
I had a tuna panini in the airport around 11am as I had to kill time before I could check in and I was quite hungry by then.
I checked into my hotel and went for an hours walk around Cork which was lovely then I returned to my hotel room and did Charlotte Crosbys DVD for an hour-although a member of staff got a right eyeful when he tried to get into my room to leave some complimentary gifts only to find a sweaty woman in shorts and sports bra! (I had gotten an early check in so he wasn’t expecting anyone to be in the room) he practically threw the stuff at me and ran off 😊
I delivered an online training session and during the break which was around 3.30pm I was hungry so ate the sandwich I bought.
After the session I went down to the health club -in my fluffy robe that the guy had delivered to my room-where I did 16 lengths in the pool  then had a relax in the steam room, sauna and jacuzzi. I then headed back up the lift-still in fluffy robe and slippers although minus my swimsuit. There was something that amused me about the fact I was naked in a lift full of people!
I made the decision not to go down to the restaurant as I would be more likely to eat and drink something naughty. I had made a decision that I wasn’t going to be drinking whilst I was away anymore. So I ordered a diet Pepsi and salmon with lemon and onion mash and  garlic green beans and it was delicious-when I put my order in there was a niggle that maybe just maybe I should get soup as a starter-FOBH (fear of being hungry) popping up again! But I didn’t and I was fine.
This morning I had a breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled egg. I picked up 3 rolls of salmon then FOBH struck again so I picked up a fourth but told myself I could only eat it if I really was still hungry once I had eaten the other 3 plus had a piece of toast and some scrambled egg. I challenged myself to NOT clear my plate and I didn’t. That fourth slice of salmon stayed on the plate and I went to work.
No rushing around getting from one venue to the next today so lunch was in the canteen where I had a butternut squash and brie fritter with green beans and new potatoes-and I made myself leave a potato on the plate so I only had 3 small ones.
And now I’m in the airport. I have over 3 hours until my flight leaves and I am currently sat in a cafe drinking a hot chocolate. It’s likely that I will buy a sandwich before I fly at 7pm. The airport is pretty small with a bar that doesn’t cater for veggies and a couple of coffee shops so a sandwich really is my only option-having said that I’m still full from breakfast and lunch so maybe I won’t get anything instead of eating for the sake of eating wait until I get home around 8.45pm and have something Weight Watcher friendly.
I’m going after my dream now-will there be some excuses along the way??  Of course I’m only human-and I’ve got my sisters birthday on Thursday then my friends 40th birthday party over the weekend and my wedding anniversary next Wednesday so things happen but I’m going to work hard on managing myself better.
For anyone familiar with The Biggest Loser (love the transformation of people on that show) you will have heard of Jillian Michaels, you may even have done her 30 Day Shred workout-if you haven’t you will find stages 1 and 2 on You Tube and its tough but good. In it she says
‘nothing comes for free’ during a crunch section she says  ‘these abs don’t come for free my friend! You want it you’ve got to work for it’
So I have a choice I can have my dream and work for it or I can continue to use excuses and put obstacles in my way.
Your dream or your excuse which way are you going to go?

3 thoughts on “Dreams Or Excuses

  1. When it comes to excuses, something that’s really helpful for me is, instead of saying “i’m too busy,” or “i can’t,” i say “it’s not a priority.” this usually helps me realize that i actually can fit in whatever i need to fit in, and the excuses i’m coming up with are just that- excuses.

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