Why I Should Listen To My Husband

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This weekend was always going to be a write off. It was my friends 40th birthday party plus derby day-now for those of you that aren’t from Manchester or understand football. Derby day is THE biggest match in the season as the red (United) and the blue (City) side of Manchester go head to head. Since having my daughter I don’t get to watch any of the big matches anymore-previous years would have seen me in the pub for all the big games.

As my daughter was staying at my mother in laws for the Saturday night I asked if she would also have her on the Sunday so I could go out with my husband and watch the match.
Saturday night was great, yes I drank vodka, yes I drank wine however I only had 2 sandwiches from the buffet and 2 crackers with cheese. I then spent hours on the dance floor so I burnt a fair few calories.
Looking at the before and after pictures of me you would think it was two different people-I went out looking glam with my hair extensions in, lace dress and heels. By the end of the night the shoes were off, my head was a sweaty mess from all the dancing and the 3 hours I spent in the hairdressers on Saturday day were swept away as I dragged my heavy hair into a pony tail!
But it was a good night πŸ™‚
Sunday dawned and Facebook was full of pictures of the night before. To be fair I looked horrendous in some of them and I asked my husband if I looked ‘fat’ never an easy question to answer! He diplomatically told me I looked fine but if I will eat takeaway at weekend then I wasn’t going to be happy with the end result was I?
At 1pm my husband and I went to the pub to watch the match. I really didn’t want to drink wine at that time of the day so I decided on lager. Now I cannot remember the last time I drank a pint of lager-probably when I was young enough to get away with it! I also had 2 packets of crisps. I don’t also eat crisps very often either. The reason I don’t have them which is what my husband kept reminding me of was that they make me ill. He said if you have that you will be in pain all night. And guess what he was right. Lager and crisps bloat me up so much and give me really bad tummy ache. Needless to say that night I had a poorly tummy and felt rotten-on the plus side I didn’t drink the wine I had planned too πŸ™‚
It is now Tuesday and my belly is still huge and bloated. Had I have listened to my husband I wouldn’t have had a poorly belly.
If I also had listened to my husband on the times when I said ‘it’s Saturday I can’t be bothered cooking lets get a takeaway’ and he said no because you will moan when it makes you fat. I probably wouldn’t be overweight. So really it’s time I listened to my husband who loves me enough to tell me how it is even if it’s not what I want to hear

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