Around The World In A Week

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Our leader this week challenged us to eat from ‘around the world’ . Now as we know from my previous blog the weekend was a write off for me so my round the world meals started on Monday morning.
I kicked it off with a trip to Italy with a very ‘ahem’ healthy couple of slices off leftover pizza-oops! Lunch was better with a trip to Greece with a feta and olive salad. I also put in some sliced plums and it worked really well. For tea I went to Hungary with a quorn goulash. You can find the recipe here. I use this website for lots of my recipes then tweak them.
Tuesday I stayed in England for breakfast with beans and egg on toast. For lunch I went to Spain for a quorn and vegetable frittata. I was on a filling and healthy day but I did point my meals for when I have them again on a pointed day. For the frittata I boiled potatoes and mixed them sautéed onions. I then whisked up 4 eggs, cottage cheese and quorn ham and poured the mixture over the top of the potatoes and onion mix put some chopped cherry tomatoes on top and popped it in the oven (6pp for half). Dinner was a visit to Mexico with vegetable enchiladas. These were gorgeous and definitely will make them again.IMG_0293
Here is the recipe I based it on (this is another really good site) although I use 2 weight watchers wraps filled them and cut them in half before I placed them in the tin so I had 4 ‘wraps’ plus I used half fat cheese and half fat creme fraiche. It is 6pp for half the portion
  IMG_0289 IMG_0290IMG_0292
Wednesday morning after I dropped my daughter at nursery I had a training session with my PT. I didn’t have time to eat before I went and when I came out my car was facing the cafe and I could see all these lovely fresh salad ingredients which really made me want a tuna salad so I decided why wait until lunch? Who says salad can’t be a ‘breakfast’ food? So I took a trip to the Mediterranean and had tuna salad for breakfast.
I was very busy after that getting an order finished for my online printing business so lunch was an uninspired cup of soup and yoghurt 😒 it was my wedding anniversary so my husband and I went to our local Italian. It’s called Porada in Whitefield, Manchester and is lovely. Although I wasn’t counting I was mindful of what I was going to eat and also wanted to stick with trying new things so I had mushroom and mozzarella bites to start and prawns in a lobster bisque with courgette risotto for main. I’m not a huge fan of rice so I didn’t eat much of the risotto but ate the prawns plus the veg and a couple of potatoes that the meal came with-I also only had 3 glasses of wine!
That brings us to this morning where I went to Spain again for breakfast and had the rest of the frittata. Lunch was a trip to America with burger and chips. But with a twist. I roasted some butternut squash and red pepper then mixed it with half an avocado to make the burger. I then used two portobello mushrooms as the ‘bun’. I also melted some goats cheese on. I then topped the burger with curly kale and beetroot-I would do it without the beetroot and goats cheese next time as it interfered with the flavours too much. I had this with butternut squash chips. It was a huge meal and all for just 4pp!
IMG_0311 IMG_0312
To finish off before weigh in in the morning I decided to get away from the cold and rain and went to the Caribbean for Jerk Salmon. I have never eaten jerk flavoured food or a mango slaw before. It was nice but I think I would leave out the coriander next time
Here is the recipe.
I have loved trying new things this week and I also made falafel and mushroom stroganoff today so still got a trip to the Middle East and Russia to come!
Nevermind around the world in 80 days I’m going for around the world in 80 meals-would love to hear your suggestions for me to try out

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