Trick or Treat

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As its Halloween weekend I was thinking about the treats that I like and the tricks I use so I can still have them but without the damage being as high or unhealthy. Here are my trick and treats:
Treat-pizza. Trick-use a cauliflower base pile on the veggies.

Treat-wine. Trick -spritzer vodka.

Treat-blue cheese, Brie, smoked cheese, just cheese, cheese and more cheese. Trick- use a strong flavour use half the portion, grate it and mix with quark.

Treat-chocolate ice cream. Trick-frozen aero mousse.

Treat-butter. Trick-quark.
Treat-garlic bread. Trick- warburtons thin with garlic clove and drop of oil.
Treat-Chinese takeaway. Trick- homemade prawn toast, veg and noodles with Chinese 5 spice.
Treat-chippy fish and chips. Trick- butternut squash chips and fish cooked with a quinoa crust.
Treat- burger and chips. Trick -use portobello mushrooms to replace the bun and butternut squash as chips
Treat -cheese and onion pie. Trick-use filo pastry small amount of strong cheddar and bulk out with cottage cheese potato and cauliflower
Treat-fried egg butty. Trick-Dry fry egg and split a crumpet in half to make the ‘butty’
Treat-lasagne. Trick-replace the pasta with layers of aubergines and use different veg for the filling
Treat-cannelloni. Trick -replace the pasta tubes with leeks stuffed with spinach and ricotta
I’m sure there are lots more that I do automatically that I haven’t even thought of. I would love to hear yours
Happy Halloween!

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