All Pumpkined Out

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The last few days has been all about the pumpkin. Normally I would carve out the pumpkins and throw away what was inside but we had 2 pretty big pumpkins this year and it just seemed a shame to waste it. On Monday morning I was determined to do something with the 4 huge packs of pumpkin I had in the fridge. Soup seemed an obvious solution and I’ve also always wanted to make pumpkin pie.

It struck me that I haven’t eaten pumpkin before and now I know why-its really really bland! It might smell amazing with a candle stuck in it outside the house but the taste doesn’t match up to the smell.


I therefore needed recipes that had something else in them to give the food a good taste.

First up was the soup I found this recipe that had coconut milk in I changed it slightly by leaving out the butter, sugar and red pepper-and I don’t understand the ‘cup’ measurement so just threw it in. The recipe says to use canned pumpkin but mine was fresh. I roasted it first (it was about 700g) I also used veggie stock instead of chicken. It was pretty nice although I think I overdid it on the allspice and it probably could have done with a little more coconut milk it. I got 4 portions from it and it worked out at 0pp per portion


Next on my list was pumpkin and chocolate muffins-this was my first reason for wanting to keep the pumpkin as I had seen these somewhere-possibly on Facebook and thought they would be easy to make with my little munchkin

There are quite a few recipes out there for these but I used this one although mine certainly didn’t look at good as hers! I got 12 out of the mixture and its was 20pp so they work out at 3 for 5pp or 2pp each. (I know what you are thinking-if you have 3 in one go you only use 5pp but if you eat one a day for 2 days then that’s 6pp so you might aswell eat 3 in one go 🙂 ) I could have made them less but went overboard with the chocolate chips. Again I didn’t bother with ‘cups’ but weighed out the chocolate chips and threw fresh pumpkin in-I just boiled it to soften it first.


Lastly we turn our attention to the pie. Most of the recipes I found were pretty high in calories/points/sugar so I decided to opt for a savoury pumpkin pie instead of a sweet one. I found this recipe again I did some tweaks- I didn’t put chilli in as I don’t like ‘hot’ food, I didn’t use any oil or as much pastry (I put a layer on the bottom-using a sheet and a half, folded over once the filling was in then scrunched some more on the top) so it would bring the points value down and I didn’t add pine nuts but that was purely because I forgot to buy them when I went shopping 😦 the whole pie was 20pp and I split it into 4 so 5pp per portion. This was really nice and my favourite out of the 3.


So the good news is the pumpkin is gone out of the fridge, however, I still have 2 bowls of soup, 3 portions of pie and 8 muffins to eat so its safe to say we will have all had enough of pumpkin by the end of the week.

Ah a happy ending I hear you say-however my sister rang to tell me that she left 2 pumpkins at my mums that she forgot about and I might aswell have them-apparently pumpkin is lovely in a risotto…….


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