Feeling Disappointed

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This week I was ill on Halloween so didn’t end up eating party food or drinking at my sisters party as I was too busy throwing up! I didn’t eat until Sunday afternoon meaning I went 24 hours without eating-surely there’s a pound off 😉 once I did start eating on Sunday it was a cheese craving-for a change-and I had some of my sisters homemade cheese and onion pie. I counted this though and as it was the only thing I ate all day figured that it would be fine as I was still within my daily allowance. As you will have seen in my previous blog I ate mainly pumpkin in various different meals throughout the week and I continued my ’round the world’ foods with a trip to the Middle East with homemade falafel on mini wraps (this was 9pp) which is high for me to have in one meal.

I also took a trip to Japan with teriyaki salmon using naked noodles which I mixed with grated carrots, mange tout and sugar snap peas. Really tasty. I also looked at different breakfasts and took inspiration from Hawaii with tropical fruits for breakfast. For the record I am not a fan of fruit for breakfast but I thought I would give it a go and it’s not something I plan on repeating. I just don’t find it filling and I’ve missed having eggs for breakfast this week.
I also did 3 hours of working out-and I mean proper full on working out not just hanging around the gym having a 15 minute chat in between 10 minute workouts or a 30 minute chat on the treadmill-you know who you are 🙂
For bonfire night last night my sister made a veggie stew with dumplings and a pastry crust. I knew she was making this and allowed for it.
Then at weigh in this morning I had put on a pound 😦
Now I would like you tell you that I took this on the chin and saw things from a ‘bigger picture’ point of view and I could tell you that but I would be lying. Instead I sat in my meeting feeling fat and horrible and my sister was working this week which meant my munchkin came with me and spent the meeting running around which made me feel even more self conscious so I left the meeting and ended up eating a cheese sandwich made from A-white Warburtons toastie loaf and B-Cathedral City full fat mature cheddar 😦
Its so annoying because I had set myself a mini goal of losing 5lb before the end of November and now that’s 6 to go in 3 weeks and yes I appreciate that scoffing a big cheese sandwich hasn’t helped matters!
On Wednesday I felt like I must have lost about 3 pounds because I felt so good but I was really bloated last night and I’m hoping that the gain is down to that but it’s disappointing to have a gain when I’ve stuck to the plan.
I suppose though there a different ways of sticking to ‘the plan’. I was at home every day this week and even though I stayed within my allowance I grazed a lot. Maybe it works better for me to have 3 higher pointed meals per day instead of grazing but then we come back to my FOBH (for those new to my blog that’s fear of being hungry). I need to have plenty of points left in case I get hungry later in the day but then it could be that having low pointed meals is what is making me hungry in the first place!
So I think the focus needs to be some filling and healthy days this week and hoping I won’t be disappointed next Friday.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Disappointed

  1. It’s not good when you get a gain for no reason! I sympathise but as you stated cheese sandwiches won’t help. Back on plan and track, track, track. Good luck for this week xx


  2. Aaw, that sucks! Don’t get discouraged though, remember it’s not an exact science. And a lot of women tend to gain weight around their period – don’t know if that’s relevant to your situation, but it’s something I need to keep in mind at least. Hang in there, you’re doing really well regardless of what the scales say.


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