I Don’t Share Food!

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Hands up who is perfectly happy to share their food? Who doesn’t blink an eye when someone reaches over and ‘pinches’ a chip off your plate or orders something else in a restaurant and just ‘wants a taste’ of what you have?
If you are anything like me my hands are firmly by my side-time for another confession I do not like sharing food!
A wise man-well Joey Tribbiani once said ‘Joey doesn’t share food!’
Do you share garlic bread whilst having a meal out and keep on eye on the conversation whilst mentally counting how many slices everyone else has had so you don’t get ‘short changed’?
How about when you decide to ‘split’ a starter or dessert? Are you sat waiting in anticipation as to where the cut will be made-what if you get given the ‘smaller’ half??!!
My husband loves winding me up by coming and taking something from my plate even though he could quite easily take the same thing from the fridge but he won’t because he ‘wants’ mine.
Sharing food I have discovered is even worse when you have children. For the last couple of nights as I’ve been having tea with my daughter she has been close to finishing her meal around the same time or maybe a little sooner than me. When this happens and I clock her plate my first thought is ‘oh no she’s going to want some of mine!’ My second thought is ‘don’t eat fast though to get rid of yours as you will teach her bad habits!’. Then she finishes and out come the dreaded words. ‘More mummy please’ ermm…. At this point a number of things go through my head ‘I don’t share food!’ ‘She’s your daughter and she’s still hungry’ ‘I don’t share food!’ ‘I don’t want her to have second portions as she may end up as an overeater’. There’s the other problem when you have had a weight problem you become overly concerned with what your child is eating and what habits they are forming. I always put my cutlery down in between bites to encourage her to eat slower as at the moment she stuffs her food in like she hasn’t eaten for a week!
When I prepare our meals I tend to make mine then give her a portion from my plate anyway so really I have already shared-I shouldn’t have to do it twice 🙂
I ask her now if her belly is full and if it isn’t then I will (reluctantly) give her some more of mine.
Anyway my husband has just come in and started eating his tea so I’m just going to pinch a chip off him 😉

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