A Few Tweaks

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After a disappointing weigh in last week I decided to tweak a few things this week. As the picture says ‘Tiny Tweaks Big Changes’.

It occurred to me that I used to drink lots of water and for whatever reason this has gone by the wayside in the last few weeks so I have been conscious of that-and it’s meant plenty more toilet trips! But my body will soon adjust back to consuming lots of water. I used to use a great app that I have downloaded again this week called Water Balance. Based on  your your height, weight, age and gender it calculates how much water your body needs each day. You then record how much water you have and your digital ‘body’ fills up with water.
I have been known to drink 2 pints of water before bed to make sure I hit my target! You can also record your other drinks-although when I recorded my wine intake one weekend night it took half my water off me! It was an eye opener though. Speaking of wine I decided to give low calorie wine a try this week as its only 11 PP per bottle. It was a lot nicer than I thought. I tried alcohol free white wine when I was pregnant and it was awful. So this week instead of my usual bottle (and abit) of wine on a Saturday night I’m switching to the low alcohol one. I’ve also bought a bottle of alcohol free red wine and hoping it’s better than the white version. I’m a Celebrity starts on Sunday and I plan on settling down to watch it with my alcohol free red wine for a bargain 2 PP a bottle!
Another change I made this week was to incorporate some Filling and Healthy days. I forgot how nice it was to not have to weigh and measure things and simply eat from the list. I enjoyed a lovely big sweet potato with cottage cheese and beans plus mushy pea curry and chips-I do begrudge using points for mushy peas on a pointing day.
I also had one of my favourite dishes which is quinoa, tuna, broccoli and red onion. You don’t get much quinoa for your points so it’s best to have it on a F&H day. This meal is delicious both hot and cold. I was in a rush for tea one night too and just threw some pasta on and served it with quorn mince in tomatoes and seasoning for a quick and easy Spag Bol.
The final change I’ve made this week is to go back to weight training and gym sessions. I love weight training, it really works for me-we will save the ‘muscle weighs heavier than fat’ discussion for another day.
So those are my tweaks and I lost 2lb. I’m not one of those people who can drop 3,4 or even 5 pound a week. 2 is a big loss for me so the water app will be being used, some F&H days will be back in and I’m going to make full use of my gym membership. Here’s to more of the same next week-onward and downwards!

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