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On the back of my last blog where we talked about the scales not being the only way to measure our successes I have been thinking about my NSVs ( non scale victories).

Here are mine from the last week:
Feeling fitter and my fitness levels have improved
Flexibilty-instead of my stomach getting in the way when I’m doing stretches I can actually reach further
I have my ‘gym buzz’ back-I know exercise isn’t for very one and plenty of people lose weight without it but for me exercise and food choices go hand in hand. If I’m not exercising I’m not eating well
People commenting that I look smaller
Being mindful of food choices. I’m very conscious of portion size (even cheese-although I do still have the odd sneak into the kitchen like a mouse and nibble on cheese from the fridge) plus I’ve started reading a book about sugar which I’ll share once I’ve finished it
Drinking low alcohol wine-followers of this blog will know that wine is a big weakness of mine and eats all of my weekly points away-oops
Ordering my Christmas Pjs-yes I know I’m a adult but I still get Christmas Pjs from my mum to wear on Christmas Eve and that’s a confession I don’t mind sharing, I love my Christnas traditions. I was discussing with my sister what size to order and said my size 16 pjs were loose but pjs are supposed to be loose so that’s fine-I then checked the label and realised that they were actually size 14 (and loose) so this year I’ll be in size 14 pjs for Christmas
Wearing heels for more than an hour without my feet hurting! This is my favourite NSVs. Walking in heels makes me feel confident and attractive. When I was slim I used to stand up delivering training courses in heels all day, then as I put on weight it went from starting the day in heels and I’d switch down to flats for the rest of the day to wearing flats all day. I stopped wearing heels although when I was about 5 months pregnant and I didn’t attempt to put heels back on until over 7 months later-seriously my feet swelled up so much they looked like they belonged on a baby elephant!
Even then the heels were only 2 inch max and my feet hurt within around 30 minutes of putting them on.
Recently I have started training in heels again-although for some reason I have lost the ability to walk in shoes that just slip on. I literally need strapping in to be able to walk in them! It occurred to me today that I have worn heels for 2 days on the run now and even though I’ve not been constantly stood up or walking around in them my feet are doing just fine 🙂
So those are my NSVS from this week. I have just done my inches so I’ll see how many inches I can loss before Christmas
Heels are on and I’m struting towards a smaller me

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