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Various things have happened this week (things that are big to me but an outsider would probably wonder why) and I’d like to tell you that they haven’t had an impact on my eating-I’d like to but I can’t.

Saturday morning I had time for half a piece of toast before taking my daughter to her swimming lesson which starts at 8.30am then I was straight round to my sisters to work on our businesses-we both have a network marketing business and had a crazy day on Black Friday and had orders to put through and plan for Cyber Monday. In addition to this our printing business has lots of orders for Santa Sacks and Christmas ribbon so we spent all day working on those. This involved a ‘chippy’ dinner-although I only had a handful of chips and made a chip butty-all pointed. The girls were going stir crazy couped up in this awful weather so we had a break and took them off to Jungle Mayhem and let them run wild for an hour and a half. Whilst they were doing this I ended up eating a Wispa-I keep seeing them everywhere and eventually gave in! This was followed by a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. I totally hold my sister responsible for this as she decided to get one so I obviously had to had one too!
I then sat there feeling very sick after a chocolate overload
Saturday evening was all pointed (including wine)  and Sunday morning dawned with both an alcohol and points hangover when I did the math and realised I had used all my weeklies-whoops! This is ok though as I can earn more with exercise points.
Sunday evening saw us child free and my husband decided to ‘treat’ us with a film, wine and a Chinese. To be honest I wrote the evening off.
Monday dawned today and in addition to writing a training course I was holding a cyber event plus cleaning my mums house and doing some shopping for her.
Her and my stepdad have been in Australia for 3 months and are due back in the morning. I did manage to squeeze a gym session in which is good but ended up buying a sandwich from Asda for lunch to eat whilst I was at my mums-although I gave my sister half which is a huge progress for me-if you’ve not read it see my ‘I don’t share food’ post 🙂
Tea was a few mouthfuls of veggie stew then once my daughter was in bed it was back  to running my cyber event-this has involved red wine, half an olive ciabatta and Philly.
Tomorrow morning will see an Asda cafe breakfast. My mum and I ended up eating in there quite a lot when I was on mat leave and it carried over when I went part time. I’m picking them up from the airport (in about 9 hours so really need to go to bed soon!) then we are off for breakfast and a catch up. This is the longest I’ve gone without seeing my mum. She lives about 4 streets away from me so see her at least 4 times a week. I’m sure there will also be a meal out at some point this week plus my sister and I are going to Gullivers World to see Santa with the girls which I’m very excited about! This also involves breakfast.
I’ve got gym sessions booked in to balance things out as I really wanted 1.5 lb off this week (lost 2 last week 🙂 ) and that would make me the lightest I’ve been in about 3 years….on the surface it may not look great this week in terms of food but its better than it would have been a couple of years ago so that’s progress-I think!

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