Christmas Angel…or Devil?

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The devil says it’s Christmas the angel says it doesn’t happen for 3 weeks

What is it about the 1st December that means we ignore every food rule we know and eat what the hell we want when we want it??
My Christmas Day eating isn’t that bad and if I had all my weeklies plus my dailes I would stay on track-assuming that I stuck to my points for the other days. And there in lies the problem.
Why does sensible eating and drinking go out the window the minute December hits? My daughter has an elf that comes to visit on 1st December until Christmas Eve and I think I have an invisible elf that switches on a ‘wine and cheese’ button-I have had wine and cheese EVERY NIGHT this week!
Why am I dong this? In the words of Asda #becauseitschristmas
Who buys a box-sorry a tin, of chocolates for Christmas but opens it on 1st December? Even if we go down the 12 Days Of Christmas path it’s still too early.
I love Christmas and for me it stands for love, sharing, friends and family and being grateful for what you have. I adore the magic of it all and track Santas journey on Christmas Eve (the Norad site is great for this and kids love it!) -I’ve even been known to hear sleigh bells and look to the sky at midnight to get a glimpse of the magical man 🙂
On a ‘confessions’ side it also stands for eating and drinking what you want-Baileys, milk and ice isn’t something I would usually drink before lunch! (Have you tried it? It’s lovely) and neither is Prosecco (although I suspect some of the members in the meeting I go to might 😉 ) yet both are open and being drunk before midday
As the saying goes ‘eat, drink and be merry’ the bit that we don’t see at the end of that sentence is ‘in moderation’ because A-most people would fall about laughing and B-that doesn’t make the supermarkets money!
I would love to say this year I’m following my angel but I’m away this weekend at friends I then have my friends 40th followed by an annual girls Christmas lunch (which leads to Christmas drinks, drinks and drinks) then I go to see Madonna-this doesn’t really have an impact but I’m so excited I wanted to share with you 🙂 after that I have my daughters 2nd birthday and we will be out for dinner that night, I then have another 40th-it’s a good job I’m self employed and don’t have a work night out to contend with too! And I haven’t even reached Christmas Eve yet…
I plan on listening to my angel during the week but the weekends I’m going to be partying with the devil…..

2 thoughts on “Christmas Angel…or Devil?

  1. If you plan and track like an angel during the week then dance like the devil at weekend I think you could still lose (or at least sts which is all one can ask for at this time of year)! Good luck & have fun 😜


  2. If you’re really good during the week, it’s OK to let loose a bit on the weekend. And December is party season so it’s really hard to avoid drinks and snacks, if you’re into that sort of thing (and hey, would we be here if we weren’t?..) If I weigh the same in January as I do now, I’ll be a happy woman. But to be honest, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a slight gain. Which is OK, as long as I get back on the horse/wagon/metaphor of your choosing come January.


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