Don’t Sugar Coat It

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So the new plan is out. Today I was introduced to SmartPoints and Weight Watchers are finally addressing the issue of sugar in our foods. 
I know quite a few people in the health industry who dislike the WW ‘diet’ due to the fact that you an ‘cheat’ the system and live on crisp and chocolate all day if you want to so long as you are within ‘your points’. And yes that can still lead to a weight loss but do you ever think about what’s inside? I guess hey who cares what the inside of our body looks like when the packaging is looking so god damn fine!
Its perfectly possible to be slim and unhealthy and WW has long been criticised for the effect the plan had on our bodies.
When I posted a meal with avocado a couple of weeks ago in one of the WW Facebook groups I’m in a few people commented that they couldn’t ‘justify’ spending 4 points on avocado-to be fair you get plenty for 1 PP-it made we wonder out of those people how many would be able to ‘justify’ the same amount of points on chocolate or alcohol.
I think SmartPoints is a responsible step that they tested the waters with when F&H was introduced. I lost most of my weight so far on F&H but then I changed to ProPoints so I could drink more wine and eat more cheese-see there is a problem there isn’t there-and I don’t just mean my love of cheese and wine!
Sugar is in almost everything and you don’t realise until you start to look at the labels.
We are constantly told how sugar makes us feel good-‘a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down’ ‘little girls are made from sugar and spice and all thing nice’.
I watched a programme earlier this year called The Truth about Sugar and it was real eye opener. They did a test with tomato ketchup where they served up 3 different versions of it. One with no sugar in, one with half the amount that is usually in and one that had the full amount in. None of the testers liked the version with no sugar in. Sugar has been pumped into our food for so long that we need the taste of it even when we think we are eating something savoury and not sweet.
Whilst in Australia my mum was introduced to a no sugar diet which she did for her last few week there and saw a huge difference in her weight-not many people can go to Australia for 3 months and come back lighter!
Whilst she was there she told me about a book called I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson. I have bought it and had chance to have a flick through it and although I’ve not read it all yet I have been mindful of the sugar I’m eating and noticed when I had a sugar high-consequently followed a few hours later by a crash and a craving for more.
There are some great recipes in there and I will be posting about them in the next couple of weeks
I’ve read quite a lot of negative comments about the new plan. Yes a bag of Maltesers has got up to 9 points, yes cheese has gone up-7 SmartPoints for 40g of Stilton!!!! But I don’t need WW to tell me that to lose weight and be healthy I shouldn’t really be eating lots of Stilton.
There are those who have said they are sticking to the old plan and that’s their prerogative but the reality is you are not going to-long term- be fit and healthy whilst eating chocolate and crisps every day. That is the truth of it and sometime the truth is the hardest thing to swallow-because that’s not sugar coated

6 thoughts on “Don’t Sugar Coat It

  1. Good points! It’s in the news today about the rise in obesity and all aimed at women. Society needs to address this huge issue or the NHS will not be able to support the amount of people with related health issues. Instead of complaining about the new plan it should be embraced (you can still squeeze in a bit of sugar if you plan well)!


  2. Couldn’t have put it better myself. They’ve been saying for quite a while now that the rise in type 2 diabetes is going to bankrupt the Nhs and at the rate we’re going it won’t be far off. It was like Xmas come early for me today I was that excited to hear from someone who has actually trialled the new plan, Claire, exactly what it was about, as like yourself I have read nothing but people bleating on in other ww groups about the rise in chocolate, cakes, cheese, yoghurts to name but a few, when the majority of them hadn’t even been given the new plan yet. I’m made up with my new books and am looking forward to a brand new healthy start.


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