B*tch I’m Madonna

Attitude, exercise, food, healthy eating, mums losing weight, muscle

I went to see Madonna in concert this week. She has been my idol since she burst on the scene with lace footless tights, fingerless gloves and a big lace bow tied in her hair. As someone who was still in primary school I looked upon her in awe-as it’s confessions before this when I was younger my idol was Toyah. In addition to them both having a unique style they are also very strong women-especially for the mid to late 80s.


Madonna has had her questionable moments over the years-Sex coffee table book anyone??!! But let’s gloss over that because as role models go she’s a pretty good one. I’m going to ignore the obvious fillers in her face and focus on her diet and exercise. The woman is a machine and doesn’t look like a 57 year old-and if you’ve seen her perform you will see her energy levels belie her age too and has always worked hard to have her body in an optimum state. But as we have been discussing recently it’s not just about what we eat and the exercise we do but the sleep we get, how happy we are etc has an impact on our health and consequently our weight-I don’t get the ‘I was so stressed the weight fell off me’ scenario- I get the ‘I’m stressed pass me food and wine’ scenario.

In my opinion Madonna has worked hard to get the things she wants. To not take things lying down and reach for the wine or deny her body of food but to get up and carry on-do you remember the Brit performance last year? That’s how you pick yourself up and carry on with the show. No excuses. I may have spent my early teens dressed like Madonna but I think it’s about time I adopted my attitude to be more like her, to be fearless, to work hard for the body and lifestyle I want to achieve and start getting some B*tch I’m Madonna attitude!



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