Merry Christmas Everyone

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Christmas is just 2 sleeps away but when did your Christmas eating start?

Mine started last Friday on my daughters 2nd birthday. We went out for dinner and I had a lovely cheese and onion pie with chips and mushy peas. My plan was to stay on track and get weighed on Tuesday but I got a bit way laid. I won’t  list all the food I ate over weekend but it involved pizza and wine. I also bought s box of eclair (the sweets not the cakes!) I couldn’t remember last time I had one and my mum and I sat absent-mindlessly eating them on the car journey home. I then looked them up and discovered they were 2 Smart Points each! I don’t even know how many I ate!
My breakfasts have been great-banana and peanut butter on bagel thin or smoked salmon on bagel thin or scrambled egg and quorn bacon but by lunchtime the Christmas monster has waved it’s tinsel at me and before you know it I’m eating a Brie and Cranberry sandwich from Morrisons-and very nice it was too-or I’ve poured a Baileys (and as we know with Baileys it only ever gets drunk at Christmas for one reason-it’s so bloody fattening!) I mix mine with ice cold milk. It’s the only time I drink cows milk as I usually drink almond milk and have done for a few years.
Today it’s Christmas Eve Eve and today I spent £50 on cheese. I should point out this isn’t all for me.  I have a Christmas Eve party every year and this year I’ve decided instead of doing a buffet I’m going to make a cheese ‘Christmas Tree’ and a cheese ‘Snowman’. I’m very excited by this!
We then have Christmas Day then Boxing Day where I will be going to a party at my sisters, the 27th will be a meal at my mother-in-laws. The 28th is my sisters birthday and we are going out for an Italian meal and the 29th is my nieces 3rd birthday and we are going to Chill Factore to play in the snow and food will feature somewhere. December is the month where the pounds in the purse go down and the pounds on the scales go up!
So what to do? The plan is to veg out in that where possible I will be piling my plate with veg and I also plan on spending time in the gym in an effort to balance it out.
Yes I will probably still have a gain but I will have had a good time, had treats but also taken care of myself and that surely deserves a toast!
Merry Christmas everyone!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone

  1. I’ve been pretty good so far, and actually lost weight since I last weighed. I bake for Christmas, and obviously had to taste a little bit of everything, but I’ve had healthy dinners and have been exercising. Though for the next few days at least all bets are off. And the scales have gone into hiding. The fridge is full of cheese and cheese-related items. But I’m totally motivated to get back into it once my Christmas break is over. And I still plan on exercising and eating salad as well as the unhealthy stuff. Cheers! Have a lovely Christmas!

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