So that was Christmas

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Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are done! Did you eat drink and be merry?
For me the Baileys was cracked open at 3pm on Christmas Eve. I hold a Christmas Eve party every year where we track Santa and family and friends pop in for a drink and a bit to eat. I decided to do something different this year and did cheese and crackers but with a festive twist! (I spent £50 on various different cheeses to do this and keep me stocked through the festive period)

I didn’t actually eat that much as I was seeing to guests. When they left at 7pm my daughter and I put the mince pie, milk and carrot out for Father Christmas (this is the first year she understands and I’ve loved every second of it!) my husband had left wrapping presents to the last minute so whilst he was busy doing that I relaxed and watched the soaps with some wine and cheese.
After opening presents on Christmas morning my step children arrived for breakfast-I do bacon, egg and sausage butties because it’s easy to eat-and I serve it on paper plates because who has time to wash pots on Christmas Day morning??! It is the only morning of the year where I have Quorn sausage, Quorn bacon and egg on a toasted cheese muffin with brown sauce, yummy! Well I say it’s usually the only day I have it but it’s 27th December today and I’ve just had it again for the third day on the run for breakfast!
Christmas lunch is fine with sprouts, parsnips, swede and carrot, potatoes and Quorn roast-it’s the prosecco that does the damage!
Boxing Day was all about cheese sandwiches and chocolate then cheese and wine night at my sisters.
So today I sit here with a belly as round as Father Christmas feeling bloated and very lethargic. I had planned a trip to the gym yesterday and today but that hasn’t happened because it’s too comfy in my new pjs and slippers
As I mentioned before I have lunch at my mother in laws today, a meal for my sisters birthday tomorrow night and a meal for my nieces birthday the night after that. So today is my last ‘Christmas Day’ breakfast and I’m going to eat what I want at the meals but it’s salad for lunch! (And maybe the odd mince pie and Baileys cream-have you tried Baileys cream? Its amazing but is 4SP for a teaspoon, a tesapoon! oh and there’s still the small matter of the lovely different cheeses that are sat in the fridge…..)


One thought on “So that was Christmas

  1. Yup, definitely recognise that bloated feeling! And I also have a ton of cheese left in the fridge (hubby doesn’t like cheese, so it’s up to me..). BUT, I did go to the gym yesterday. I did not much feel like it before I went, but when I was there I was really glad I did. Felt really good. Not that it’s going to undo the damage from all the cheese, wine and other stuff I’ve been eating the last few days, but it was good to be active and I feel some of that muscle ache today, telling me I did good. 🙂


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