Mirror Mirror On The Wall

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After picking my daughter up from nursery this week-where I had chatted to a parent and nursery staff I returned home to be met by my husband back from work whose first words were ‘what’s that white stuff all over your face?’ It turns out it was toothpaste and yes I had chatted to people with a face full of toothpaste. It then occurred to me that I hadn’t looked in the mirror before I left the house then it dawned on me that I hadn’t really looked in a mirror all week. Now another confession-I look in the mirror ALOT. This has clearly rubbed off on my daughter who quite often dramatically declares that she ‘needs a mirror mummy’ chats away to her reflection-‘is that your mummy? It’s my mummy’And gives herself lots of ‘mirror kisses’.

Before you think it, I’m not narcissistic  but I do like to pull out my good points-small waist (in comparison to the rest of my body), thin wrists-hey every good thing counts-(fairly) good legs (thanks mum), curvy hips and boobs-I like to think of myself as a plus size Jessica Rabbit. Assuming that Jessica Rabbit had a round wobbly belly and puffy face from too much of the good stuff, i.e wine and cheese. I generally have this view after a few wines 😉 the rest of the time when I look in the mirror I pick up on that wobbly belly, flabby arms, and as I’ve told you before no bum.
Sometimes we love what we see sometimes we don’t. There are, however, mirrors that always seem to make you look good. These are the ‘slim’ mirrors as I call them. These wonderful things actually make you look smaller. My sister has one at the top of her stairs and I have a good old pose in it whenever I go upstairs in her house-especially a side shot where by belly looks about 5 times smaller than it is. Have you experienced a ‘slim’ mirror?
If you haven’t and are in the Whitefield area and are having a particularly ‘fat’ day  I suggest a trip to The White Room or Parkfields Inn where they too have slim mirrors in their bathrooms (sorry gents don’t know if the same applies to your toilets there). Looking in them is a great boost on a night out 🙂
So the mirror is my friend and my foe but I realised that this week I didn’t want to see what was in the mirror as I felt so ‘big’ which is why I ended up going out in public with toothpaste on my face!
When it comes to weight loss facing up to what is on that mirror on the wall is the biggest thing of all


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