A Midweek Update

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On day 4 of getting back on it after Christmas and New Year and I wanted to share some of the new recipes I’ve tried and my when I’ve been an angel and when the devil has taken over 😉

Saturday was the first Saturday in a long long time that I pointed ALL DAY and that includes pizza and wine-although it was cauliflower based pizza and low cal wine. My preference is B by Black Tower
Sunday day was great with a lovely roast dinner of sprouts, swede and carrot, quorn beef joint and instead of roast potatoes I used celeriac instead. I par boiled them then cooked them in the oven with a spray of oil.
Sunday night the devil popped his head up with red wine and cheese-yes I still have some left, although not much now.
Monday lunch I had avocado and halloumi on toast.
I have been wanting to try this for nearly a week and although it was lovely it was high in points and didn’t fill me up which meant the devil could easily tempt me with 3 Freddos whilst I was at my mums 😦
I pulled it back last night with prawn, avocado and cottage cheese salad so damage limitation was on.
Today I did a hard gym session that left me looking like a beetroot and also got my Fitbit out (I’ve not used it for months) charged it and synced it back up with my Weight Watchers account. I also tracked by gym session and earned a lovely 10 points in just over 30 minutes.
I had a boiled egg before the gym so I wasn’t working out on an empty stomach so post gym was a breakfast frittata from the latest weight watchers magazine.
This was 100g sliced potato, mushrooms, red onion chopped into wedges and bacon-I changed this to quorn rashers and also added spinach in. The whole thing was 9SP and I had half at 5 smart points
Tea tonight was Squash Pot Fish Pie. I can’t take the credit for this as my sister came up with it last week (she isn’t following Weight Watchers but has no sugar or carbs) I tweaked mine slightly.
Firstly I got a gem squash cut the top off and pulled the seeds out then put it in the microwave to soften. Once it had cooled down slightly I scraped all the inside out and mixed with cod and prawns (I used 1sp of each) I then added 2 spring onions 3sp of ricotta and some smoked paprika.
This brought the whole thing to just 5 smart points
This mixture went back in the squad then into the oven for about 40 minutes.
It was so filling and tasted great.
So the devil has popped her naughty head up a couple of times but I’d say the Angel is winning so far this week……

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