An Unexpected NSV (non scale victory)

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I went to a workout class tonight that I’ve not been to for a few months. It’s non impact which is perfect for me as I have issues with my feet which mean impact exercise such as running, step ups etc leave me in a lot of pain.

This class is not about that although don’t be fooled into thinking that it is an ‘easy’ workout as we focus on balance and strength and it is tough.
I have been working out a lot in the gym doing weights and more recently focusing on my stretching as I hold a lot of tension in my calves-my personal trainer gave me an impromptu sports massage a couple of weeks ago in the gym to help with this and the woman next to me said I sounded like I was having a baby-I think having a baby was less painful to be honest and I punched the floor and screamed my way through my massage (much to the bewilderment of the people in the gym) however my legs felt wonderful afterwards-even if they were covered in bruises the next day! I was given strict instructions to stretch more to help with the tension which I have been doing.
I have been pleasantly surprised tonight in class as I managed to reach further than I had a few months ago. My flexibility and strength has markedly improved. I even managed to lie on my front grab both legs with either arm behind me (see the featured image-although no that is not me and I didn’t get quite that high!)) and start to lengthen my legs-I have never been able to hold both legs at the same time so I was very pleased 🙂
So even though the cheese and wine monster has been out this week and I was starting to beat myself up about spending the last 12 months getting to a certain point then blowing it instead I’m going to celebrate the fact that my gym sessions are certainly paying off and the unexpected NSV that has come with that

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