How Do You Break Your Fast?

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We looked at different breakfast ideas in our meeting last week and some people said they don’t eat breakfast.

For me personally I NEVER miss breakfast. It’s called breakfast as we are breaking the fast that we were doing whilst we slept-I don’t know about you but the time between supper (supper not tea because yes I do like a piece of toast mid evening) and breakfast can be about 10-12 hours. That’s a long time to go without eating!

Someone in the meeting said she eats breakfast because she doesn’t know when she will get to eat again. This is totally something I relate to and goes back to my FOBH (or fear of being hungry for those of you that haven’t heard this in my blogs before). What if I don’t get a chance to eat until lunch?? That might mean going without eating for about 16 hours and that isn’t something I want to think about! I would be so hungry that I would grab whatever I could and end up snacking on rubbish.
In our meeting today my leader said she had seen great losses over the week from those who usually skip breakfast but had it this week as it stopped them snacking.
I appreciate people want to snooze and skip breakfast but as much as I love a good sleep when it’s a choice between 10 minutes sleep or eating, food will win out every time!
Something that has been popular- not just in the meeting I attend but in a few Weight Watchers pages I follow- are overnight oats. My mum loves these and has been trying to get me on them for about a year but I thought they would be dry and uninspiring. However I thought I would give them ago this week and was pleasantly surprised.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about overnight oats is a quick way to deal with breakfast in the morning because it’s already done. Basically the night before you mix 30g oats with 100g yoghurt (I used Skyr honey but plain is fine too-and also a point less), 100ml milk (I use almond milk but if you use any other milk you will need to adapt the points for that) then mash a banana in and if you want add some sweetener. You then layer this mixture in a glass with fruit inbetween each layer. Pop it in the fridge then in the morning it’s ready to grab and go. I think my eyes were bigger than my belly when I prepped mine and I had a huge amount for just 5 smart points. So much so that I didn’t even finish it.
IMG_9738 (2)
I think they would be lovely and refreshing in the summer not just for breakfast but also a snack.
I have to say though that I break my fast by breaking eggs. I love an egg in the morning whether that’s scrambled with spinach and smoked salmon, fried with Quorn bacon, boiled on a piece of toast or made into an omelette.
How do you break your fast?

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