Half Measures

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Birthday week is here and by now I’d usually be using it as an excuse to eat and drink what I want all day, all week-although I do have plans for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! I went into the week thinking that if I cracked on I could lose 2lb (which if you remember is a big loss for me in one week) and this would put me at the lowest I have been in over a year. Veggie soup was made, lentil casserole was made and homemade pizza was made for over weekend-it was actually made for Saturday night but I only ate half of it as I was full so saved the rest for Sunday-yay to me!

Monday started well and I even took veggie soup to my mums with me and when I wanted a cheese sandwich nipped back home to get get weight watchers bread-impressed?
However the chocolate monster hit whilst at my mums. I was actually trying to point some wispa and twirl bites but had eaten them before I finished calculating what they were. Whoops.
Tuesday again I was good until my mum bought some peanut M&Ms. You would think she would know better as she’s at goal!
The wine cheese and treats have been calling but meal wise I’m OK and my muscles are very sore from the gym.
I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I will be a birthday sinner and until the weekend arrives I’m on half measures because its better to be half on it than not at all.(I cant promise that I’ll be on half measures from Friday-Monday though 😉 )
I’ll see you on the other side of the weekend with my birthday sins….

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