Birthday Sinner

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Forgive me weight loss buddies but I am a birthday sinner. Please find my confessions below:
Number of days my birthday lasted-7
Number of meals out-6
Takeaways eaten-1
Boxes of chocolates eaten-1
Days spent eating leftover buffet-4
Number of gym sessions-0
Bottles of wine/prosecco/champagne drank-guestimate 13
Shots drank-4
Bottles of wine/prosecco/champagne received-17
Grams of cheese consumed-too many to even estimate
Pieces of birthday cake eaten-1/2 ( although this is likely to be 2 before the week is out)
Cream cakes eaten-1 (cream doughnut. Not had one in years. It was delicious!)
Heartburn packets I’ve gone through-3
Time spent dancing-a fair few hours
Hours spent laughing-lots!
Hours spent having quality time with my family and friends-who counts when your having fun?
Smart points spent-millions and billions and zillions
Feelings of guilt-not a single one!
Estimated weight gain-7lb
Lessons learnt-you only turn 40 once so enjoy! and its harder to get back on track than what I thought. Weigh In is Friday so thats when the clean slate will start

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