Looking Back To Move Forward

Attitude, healthy eating, mums losing weight, slimming, weight loss, weight struggles, Weight Watchers

The end of this week marks the end of my 10 week journal. With only one weigh in remaining I flipped to the front to see what goal I had set myself only to discover that (going off last weeks weigh in) I’m 1.5lb heavier than I was at the start of the journal!

So, I had two options:
1-berate myself for being a ‘failure’ OR
2-acknowledge that in those 10 weeks I had Christmas/New Year, 2 friends 40th plus my own 40th party week and had a great time plus got back on track when I needed to.
Friday (well Saturday as we know that what we eat on weigh in day doesn’t count 😉 ) will be the start of a new 10 week journal which takes me to the third week in May and the week before I am a bridesmaid for my sister.
So this time when I write my end goal for those 10 weeks not only will I look back at this journal and at the meals I enjoyed that kept me on track and the weeks where I have blank pages or a big X with ‘write off’ wrote on it (you know you do it:) )and learn from it but also look at my weight loss since I started because to move forward it sometimes helps to look back

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