Children-a hindrance or a help to weight loss?

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I’ve been thinking recently about how my daughter influences my weight loss/gains. Firstly the weight piles on when we are pregnant and I know lots of mummies who said ‘oh I just walked loads and the weight dropped off’ well let me tell you I walked loads too and it didn’t make a bloody difference! Let’s have a look at both sides of the story

Weight Hindrance
Sleepless nights. 
Seriously hats off to mummies who have the ability to even string a sentence together after interrupted sleep. Making a healthy meal goes well out of the window and cheese sandwiches or take aways are the order of the day!
Ok until I had a child I couldn’t understand why anyone would eat the leftovers from someone’s plate but that’s all changed. Hands up who spends the walk from the table to the bin stuffing leftovers in their mouths so that sometimes by the time you’ve got to the bin there are no leftovers left to put in it! And its not just leftovers. The food needs checking to make sure its not too hot so you have some then find its not hot enough so cook it some more then taste it again, and again, and then maybe again just to double check 😉
Stress Drinking 
Yes we love our gorgeous, funny amazing little angels (or Devils depending on their mood) but sometimes I just can’t wait for her bedtime so I can de-stress with a glass of wine!
Lack of Working Out
I used to love early morning gym sessions but they don’t happen now and have you ever tried to do a workout DVD with a toddler around? If not let me tell you it’s very funny and you don’t get anything done as you are too busy being entertained by a toddler trying to do it too 😂
Weight Help
Running Around
Why is it the minute my 2 year old leaves the house she could give Linford Christie a run for his money?
Potty Training
Up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs down the stairs plus holding a weeing child as you run to the nearest toilet-that’s exercise a plenty!
Good Eating Habits
I’m very conscious of what my daughter eats and I make sure that I’m eating slowly and putting my knife and fork down in between mouthfuls as I know she will copy me
The Fear
This is a big one for me. I have ‘the fear’ of being the biggest mummy at playgroup/swimming/nursery/gym class. I know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others and well done to you if you don’t but I do. It’s a terrible habit and one I’m trying to stop!
Drinking Alcohol 
Yes I know I’ve listed it as a hindrance but the good thing is that who the hell has the energy to deal with a child when they have a hangover?? Not me! I even offered to drive to the last party we were invited too so I didn’t have a hangover when my little cherub woke at 6am
Role Model
Wanting to be a good healthy role model has got to be the biggest help having a child has on my weight loss. And yes there will be those days when I’ve not slept and eat crap, there will be stressful days when I will sink into a vat of wine, and on occasion I might just have a bite of that leftover toast but wanting to be slim and healthy for my daughter is the biggest inspiration for me
If you have any other hindrance/help examples feel free to share them 😊

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