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I read a blog today from the family member who has breast cancer and she blogged about the changes her body was going to go through. Losing her breast, losing her hair and as they will take fat from her stomach to reconstruct her breast she will lose her first ever tattoo which is a fairy called Tallulah. She writes about feeling a little sad that the fairy is gong to be in a surgical bin somewhere and for some reason that really stuck with me-and I don’t know why because I don’t even have any tattoos!

It really made me think though about how we treat our bodies and in a previous blog I have written about my likes and dislikes of my own body. But you know what? Our body is pretty bloody amazing! Just thinking about the work going on inside to simply keep you breathing let alone carry out an activity is mind boggling. We only get one body so why do we treat it so badly and hate it at times?
We are constantly bombarded with images of ‘perfect’ celebrities and it does worry me not just what type of world my daughter will grow up in but the world that my 14 year old step daughter and 13 year old niece are in now. Body shaming is the norm. We see it all the time. Cheryl Cole/Fernandez Versini is too skinny. Endless pictures of reality TV ‘stars’ with headlines such as ‘has ballooned to a size 14’ ‘was once a curvy size 12 but has slimmed to a trim size 8’ ‘ballooned to a 14’?? ‘Curvy size 12’??? It no wonder that we start to dislike our bodies when the pressure is on to conform to the medias interpretation of ‘perfect’. A quick look at Instagram will show celebrity endorsements of anything from teeth whitening gel to slimming products.
We then have the other end of the spectrum where Gemma Collins celebrates her plus size-now I’m all for being happy in your body but bottom line is at a size 22/24 she can’t be in good health as she has that extra weight to carry around.
Is that me falling into the body shaming trap? It’s so easy to do!
And whilst we are body shaming what else are we doing? If you are anything like me I’m moaning about my ‘big belly’ whilst being ‘comforted’ by my usual weakness of cheese and wine! It’s just a vicious circle.
So I’m making a pledge to myself today to give my body the love and respect it deserves. To be positive about my body, to be motivated by the changes that healthy eating and exercise will bring and to stop throwing toxins down my throat like it’s going out of fashion.
I don’t aspire to look like any celebrity. I aspire to be the best version of myself I can be

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