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I was reading this months Weight Watchers magazine, I read the members success stories first and it always strikes me how quickly the people featured get to goal. I think I may have seen 2 possibly 3 where it has taken a couple of years to get where they need to be and it makes me feel a little inferior as I have been doing Weight Watchers for almost 2 years now and I’m not as far on my journey as I would like to be, but then, as you know from previous posts I’m no angel, easily swayed by the devil when it comes to cheese and wine and I don’t stick to the plan all the time. I know the plan works I just need to get some structure and focus going on so I’ve decided I need a goal structure.
However I can’t just keep this to myself but I need to share it with you so I’m accountable to all you lovely followers who really keep me going with your comments and messages.
As you may have read I’ve bounced around the same weight for over a year currently sitting at having lost 26.5lb (see that doesn’t look great does it? 26.5lb in 2 years? And 6 months ago I had lost more than that!) Although in fairness to myself I am smaller.
So the first target is to get back to having 2 stone off. My goal structure is based on the pounds I have to lose to get to the next target which will either be a Fab 5, Silver 7 or a percent of weight loss. Here we go:
1.5lb.  28lb  Silver 7 (4-2 stone)
2lb.    30lb  Fab 5
1lb.     31lb  15% of body weight lost
4lb.    35lb  Fab 5 and Silver 7 (5)
5lb.    40lb  Fab 5
2lb.    42lb  Silver 7 (6- 3 stone) plus 20% lost
3lb.    45lb  Fab 5
4lb.    49lb  Silver 7 (7)
1lb.    50lb  Fab 5
2lb.    52lb  25% of body weight lost plus my own personal goal
3lb.    55lb  Fab 5
1lb.    56lb  Silver 7 (8-4 stone)
4lb.   60lb  Fab 5 and Weight Watchers maximum goal weight
2lb.   62lb  30% of body weight lost and official goal target
So there it is-looks quite scary like that but it’s about taking it target at a time.
It’s all very well having a goal structure but how am I going to do it? Again this is where accountability comes in. I need to be accountable for my actions and to hit my targets I pledge to do the below:
Stop having a ‘cheat’ night of wine and cheese every Friday (I am going to allow it once a month)
Stop ‘picking’ at the chocolate tin every time I go to my mums house
Stop deciding that as its Saturday night I ‘just won’t count that wine/takeaway’ as I can make up for it in the week
Start having self control
Start finding alternatives to food  to treat myself with
Continue to share my confessions with you all so you can kick my ass when I need it!
That was easy to write but I’m under no illusion that it will be that easy to do which is why I need a rock solid why and vision. These will be in my next blog

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