Lost The Plot

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You may have noticed I’ve not wrote a blog for over a week and it’s because quite simply I’ve lost the plot!

My meals to be fair have been lovely and all smart pointed but I have succumbed to the wine and cheese monster a few times. In addition I’ve had a shoulder injury then when that was OK I sprained my wrist-is this something that happens now I’m 40? Full of aches and pains?!
I got weighed on Thursday last week as couldn’t make my Friday meeting but I couldn’t stay to the meeting which didn’t set me up for the week. I also had a 3lb gain and I know I was getting weighed at night not morning which makes a difference but because of that I needed to stay but I had no car so just had a quick lift up there.
My husband was on an overnight stag party on Saturday so I used that as an excuse to drink way more wine than I usually would when sat in on a Saturday night! Sunday saw the surprise hen party for my sister (the weekend away is yet to come…) food wise it was ok as I had homemade Quorn chilli so it was low in points. The problem was the wine! This did not set my week up well. Having said that I’ve made some lovely meals-did you see my carrot fries? Amazing!
Yesterday I was on a training day for my new job-I’ll fill you in on that once I’ve passed training, it’s very exciting for me 🙂 lunch was provided and was tuna mayo butties, egg mayo butties, a potato ‘salad’ with egg and tomatoes and fruit pots. There were also muffins and cookies on offer. I didn’t have a muffin or cookie but had a fruit pot, a little potato salad and 3 quarters of the sandwiches. Needless to say I was very hungry when I got in but planned a salad. My lovely husband however had other ideas and as we were child free he took me out. I had prawn cocktail followed by gnocchi in tomato sauce and a couple of slices of garlic bread so yes I’ve gone over but I could have had deep fried mushrooms or Camembert-and trust me I really wanted that! But again it’s the wine that does the damage.
Today I had planned low delicious meals planned but got ‘treated’ to breakfast from my mum whilst out shopping. The veggie sausages instead of being Quorn were deep fried vegetable sausages with carrots, rice and broccoli in-who the hell wants veg with egg beans and tomatoes??! I left the sausages but didn’t really enjoy the breakfast and feel I’ve  completely wasted points. I have just done an Insanity workout and as its such a lovely sunny day salad will be on the menu later.
I am desperately trying to get through to weigh in tomorrow morning without anything else being consumed that will make the gain worse and the devil is saying ‘hey you’ve had a gain just do whatever today, enjoy a nice glass-strike that bottle of wine tonight and get back on it tomorrow’ the Angel is battling back with ‘it will be a bigger gain if you do that keep on track’ so far the Angel is by far winning the battle-lets hope it stays that way!

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