From Little Acorns….

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Did you survive the bank holiday weekend? I was on my sisters hen party in Newcastle and the Devil and I had already made an arrangement with the Angel that she could take the weekend off and my Devil would keep quiet once we came back.
The chief bridesmaid put breakfast on before we left-bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, pain au chocolate, croissants, melon.
My confession: bagel halves x 3, pain au chocolate x 1, croissants 1/2, melon 5/6 slices then off we went to head up to Newcastle! I really should also confess that-with the exception of the driver we drank cherry shots in the car on the way there 😉
When it came to dinner both my sister and I ordered the cheese soufflé-can you believe that I have never had one?? How I have got to the age of 40 with a cheese addiction and not tried one is beyond me. However after I had mine delivered to the table we discovered there had been a mistake in the kitchen and there wasn’t one for my sister. Now despite the fact that the Angel was on holiday she clearly has had an impact on my Devil as I found myself saying ‘it’s fine have half of mine’ and it didn’t even bother me! This might seem a little thing but if you have read my I Don’t Share Food blog you will know that that one tiny act was big progress!
The weekend continued on and we had a great time-tea when we got home was a very hair of the dog/stodgy food combo of wine, cheese garlic bread, tuna melt and chips.
Once I had recovered it was time to get back on track. Out came the blackboard and I planned my meals for the rest of the week.
One of the small changes I started to make was not to eat all my points every day just because they were there. If I had some left over at the end of the day it didn’t mean I needed to crack open the wine or make myself hot chocolate and toast just for the sake of it
This got me thinking about other small changes that I have made on my journey. I went to my dads last week and he lives on the second floor of a retirement home. As I was halfway up the stairs it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t consciously not taken the lift it was just a natural automatic habit to take the stairs.
When I was putting the washing away yesterday I realised that-again subconsciously-instead of carrying it all up at once I made two or three trips so I had to walk the stairs more.
I’m sure there are lots more little things that we all do now without thinking that maybe once was a challenge to us-diet drink option, no sugar in your tea, saying no thank you to a cake or biscuit and meaning it etc.
I’m still working on my wine and cheese vices as I’m not sure that will ever be easy to turn down but as the saying goes out of little acorns mighty oak trees grow
I would love to hear about your little changes that have made a big difference-and in case you were wondering I lost 3lb this morning 😊

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