Me Time

Attitude, Destress, Little changes, relaxing, weight loss, Weight Watchers
I have a couple of hours to spare this afternoon and I thought about sitting and having a chill and catch up on the various crap TV I have recorded but then I started to feel guilty about not doing ‘something’. I was sat here thinking jobs up that I could do!
I even opted for a quick shower instead of a long bath as I was trying to think of things to do. How crazy is that? Why can’t I just sit and do nothing?
My ‘me time’ is usually cheese and wine on a Friday night which is doing my weight loss no good whatsoever! So it’s about time I looked for a different way to have a relax.
I started a Me To You cross stitch when I was pregnant for Scarlett’s room which I’ve not even finished so that’s on the list-see there I go already! I have started a list of things to do to relax me 🙈
I do find it incredibly difficult to relax. Think I’m in need of a good spa day-I’ll put that on my list too 😊
A while ago there was a thing on social media where for 100 days you had to post a picture of something that made you happy under the hashtag 100 happy days. I started this but found it was stressing me out because I was looking for things to show I was happy and I was more happy when I stopped doing it!
My focus has to be to stop stressing so much (I’m not one of those people who lose weight when they stress but pile it on!) and when I’m in need of a relax stop using food and drink (well more specifically wine) to do it and look at other ways to destress. Shopping, reading, bubble baths they can all go on the list-and I’ll try not to stress about not working through my ‘destress list’ 😉

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