I Wore A Skirt With A Top Tucked In

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I wore a skirt with a top tucked in!

Yes you read that correctly. Now for some that might not be a big deal but for a weight watcher who is paranoid and concerned with how they look I’m sure you will appreciate what a momentous occasion this was! (I was dressed as a superhero for work hence the rest of the outfit!)
I love wearing short skirts with a nice top but due to my size I haven’t done so for a few years. However in the past few weeks I have bought 3 new short skirts and I feel great in them!
I lost 2lb this week-I’m not sure I ‘deserved’ it as I had a big weekend but I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred plus Joe Wicks HIIT sessions a few times this week-although less than I had planned plus pulled it back food wise-fish casserole anyone? No thought not. Not one of my finest kitchen moments 😩
So 43lb down and my leader asked what my strengths were. Tracking is my big one. Even when I’ve gone over I still write it down-if I bite it I write it! It might not be 100% but for me it’s better than pretending it didn’t happen.
I had a bug that caused me to be sick all night before weigh in so although I’ll gladly accept the loss I think it’s a slightly false read so this week I need to watch that it doesn’t come back to bite me!
Thinking about strengths I think that’s why I like short skirts, I’ve spoken in the past about parts of my body that aren’t great but I accept can’t change-flat bum anyone? But the parts that I like-my waist and legs have always been smaller in comparison to the rest of my body. So short skirts are great-and where I’ve always been paranoid about my belly that is a hell of a lot smaller than it was.
I checked my inches yesterday and in the last 8 weeks I’ve also lost 4.5inches.
So I have 6lb to go until I reach my personal target and I want to do that by Christmas-because there are plenty more short skirts out there that would look great with a nice top tucked in them-and a want a sparkly one for Christmas 🙂

Confessions Of A Weekend Away

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We visited friends in Gloucester this weekend. We left early afternoon on Friday and I could have made sandwiches to take with us-actually I could have eaten before we went after all it’s only a few hours in the car. But no, road trip equals eating in the car doesn’t it? Which means when we stopped at the garage before we left I didn’t just fill the car with diesel but also bought sandwiches, drinks and chocolate!

In addition to my sandwich I also ‘picked’ at my daughters when she decided she had had enough.
When we were about 40 miles from our friends house we heard a loud bang, which can never be a good thing! Clearly something was wrong with the car but with some concentration and careful driving from my husband we got to our friends house. By the time I had spoken to our breakdown people and arranged for them to come on Sunday morning before we left to fix or recover the car it was nearly 7 o’clock and I was grateful for the nice cold glass of prosecco that was placed in my hand!
My friend had done a lovely big salad with cheese in and had also bought a mushroom and spinach quiche for me as I wasn’t eating whatever meat dish everyone else had. I had half the quiche. I’ve no idea how many points it was and to be honest before I went I decided that I wasn’t going to point but I would be mindful of what I was eating and not overdo it on portion sizes.
Later that night we had some cheese and crisps as nibbles plus more prosecco. I don’t know what it is about me and crisps but I really can’t digest them so I just shouldn’t have had any but I did and suffered with a poorly tummy the next morning.
Breakfast on Saturday was boiled egg however it was on 2 slices of normal size brown bread which isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things.
We went to a play area with my daughter and there was a little zip wire there. In the past I wouldn’t have gone on it for fear of either breaking it or looking ‘too big’ however not only did I do it but I went on a second time just so I could get my husband to video it! 😊
BBQ was on the menu for later on and I’m pretty pleased at what I ate:
3 prawn and vegetable skewers
1 mini corn on the cob
1 medium sized jacket potato
There was also a salmon fillet I could have had but I was full so didn’t have it. So far the Angel is sitting pretty 😇
However, we had been to a vineyard earlier in the day and I had bought some lovely goats cheese crackers and date and hazelnut ‘toasts’ (and as it was a vineyard obviously I bought wine too!). Later on out came the wine-and the crackers.
This resulted in horrendous stomach ache Sunday morning as I was bloated not just from the crackers but I think also from the bread.
A big Sunday breakfast was cooked and this is where being a vegetarian really has an advantage because I don’t need to eat a big plate of bacon and sausage or politely refuse it. And to save messing around with different frying pans so my fried eggs were cooked separately I asked for poached instead. So breakfast was:
2 poached eggs
2 pieces of toast
Couple of tablespoons beans
Mushrooms (cooked in butter I think)
It was still a bigger breakfast than I usually would have had but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
The breakdown man fixed the car we said our goodbyes and off we went. We got half a mile down the road before the problem happened again so we headed back to our friends to await recovery. This took several hours and a cheese barm was consumed whilst we were waiting.
I went to the shop to ‘stock up’ for the journey home-after all the truck was on a speed limitation of 50mph, add to that miles of roadworks and people either returning home from weekends away or commuting to work ready for Monday morning and who knew what time we would get home!
Food consumed in the truck not out of hunger but boredom plus because ‘it was there’
Half a packet of Walkers crisps
4 finger kitkat
1 twirl
3 babybels
So there I was sat in the back of the tow truck feeling bloated and horrible with my jeans having a bit of a dig into my tummy but already planning on eating when I got home-and it wasn’t WW friendly!
However, I was also planning my ‘pull it back’ meals so it’s not all bad 😉

I Love Bread!

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Confession-I love bread! The bigger and the crustier the better!
I can trace my love affair with the sandwich back to when I was little. My mum used to do the ‘big shop’ on a Wednesday with my gran and grandad and she would always buy these beautiful ‘knots’ of bread and when we got back from shopping she would make a cheese salad sandwich for everyone. Isn’t it strange that I still remember that 35 years later? Who knew a sandwich could have such an impact.
Milk Bread2.1
It’s very rare that I would eat such a thing now. I can’t remember the last time I went in a butty shop but if I was to go in one it would be a little place in Prestwich called The Fresh Cookie. If anyone knows the area it’s just across from St Margarets church. The sandwich of choice would be a cheese salad with mayo on a muffin (barm, bap, tea cake(?!) whatever you want to call it-let’s not go down that route!) the best thing about that butty is that if you eat it out of the bag when you are finished you are left with filling still lurking in the bottom of the bag that you can scoop out. A ‘proper’ butty (and very pointable although very high in points).
Over the years I hear time and time again that bread is ‘bad’ for us and should be avoided or eaten in moderation. My mum stopped eating bread and got to goal. She is just one example of quite a few people I know who are slim and healthy and don’t eat bread-or wheat of any kind.
I’ve been trying different breads over the last couple of weeks and thought I would share my findings with you.
First up we have cloud bread. This seems to be being promoted everywhere at the moment. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s carb free bread made from eggs and cream cheese. Some also add cream of tarter in (I didn’t) the result was a light but eggy sponge that I really wouldn’t want to put a sandwich filling on. I even tried toasting it but it didn’t fare any better. I think it could possibly be a good substitute for a naan bread or a pizza base but as a bread it was a no from me and they went in the bin
 FullSizeRender (3)
I have also tried rye bread. The one I bought was 4sp for a slice from Lidl and I love it toasted with scrambled egg on top so that’s a yes from me
I have long since used crumpets as a hot sandwich. Slice it in half and pop and egg in between for a great breakfast butty
Bagel thins are also great for this and can also be used as an open sandwich
FullSizeRender (5)
My favourite discovery though in terms of bread and the sandwich is getting a baguette-I used granary-then scooping out the middle therefore reducing the amount of bread and smart points. I managed to get a 7sp baguette down to 4sp doing this. I was then left with two ‘boats’ and instead of there being bread inside I filled it with tuna, cheese and salad.
FullSizeRender (1)
Amazing! It was like a shop bought one and felt like I ‘proper’ sandwich.
If you love a good butty please share your bread favourites and said it loud and say it proud-I LOVE BREAD!