Feeling The Pressure

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I’m Still Here!

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Confessions Of A Weekend Away and Mindful Eating

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40lb Down!

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All The Fun Of The Fair

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Last Sunday was Prestwich Carnival. We go to this every year-come rain or shine. It has dwindled over the years but I think it’s a great local community event and as a child was in the carnival numerous times.
After the parade had passed us, as usual we made our way to the park and fair where it finishes.
My sister and I went on the carousel with our munchkins. We wanted to sit in the horses but they wanted a carriage so we settled on that and planned our rides. Our favourite ride is the waltzers and we realised that it wasn’t there!
After putting the girls on a few rides we bought them some chips-I pinched a few too ๐Ÿ˜‰
We then went on to the Twister-again an old school favourite. My sister and her teenage daughter in one car with my other sister and I in one facing them. The thing about this ride is that the person on the right ends up getting pushed into the person sat on the left next to the car door as it gets faster. Due to this -and as my sister is smaller-I sat down on a sign that said ‘biggest person here’-nice!
The ride started slowly and I realised that it had been over a year since I had been on a fairground ride!
The music pumped out loud and as the lights blurred in front of me and the wind whipped across my face and hair I got a ย wonderful tickling in my stomach. I couldn’t stop laughing as I screeched ‘it’s getting faster!’ and my sister was laughing as she said ‘what did you expect?!’ We laughed all the way around the ride and when we got off looking like drunken pirates as we tried to get our balance I was hit with a sudden realisation that I hadn’t felt that light and carefree and laughed like that for AGES!
We got the girls an ice cream afterwards and I wasn’t going to have one until I discovered that I could have nuts on my ice cream with sauce and a flake which I’ve not had probably since I was a child, so I had one-although Scarlett dropped hers on the floor so I gave her the rest of the mine without even batting an eyelid (in fact I was secretly a little bit pleased as I didn’t have to eat it all)-now if you’ve read my I Don’t Share Food blog you will appreciate what a massive transformation this is!
When I got home I didn’t feel guilty about the few chips I had eaten-I could have eaten a full portion, or the ice cream-I could have bought Scarlett a new one and finished it off myself but I didn’t.
What has stuck in my mind was how free I felt on that ride and although I’ve had a tough emotional week (I’ve lost 2 family members in 10 days, both sudden unexplained deaths) and my food hasn’t been great, I have held onto that feeling and how it would feel even better to not be sat on the ‘biggest person’ seat.
I ended up losing 2lb this week and I honestly believe it was down to holding on to that positive feeling which has stopped me going completely off the rails. I even messaged my leader this week to say I needed a kick up the bum as I thought my choices weren’t great but it turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought.
When I start to feel down I’m going to hold back onto the feeling of elation when I came off that ride and all the fun of the fair!ย 

Weekend Failure

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The Buffet!

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I have been faced with 3-yes 3! buffets over the last 2 weekends and how I acted at them was very very different.
The first one was my sisters wedding-as we already know I piled high the cheese sandwiches! I ‘grazed’ on these throughout the night but panic mode started to set in when the staff started to clear the tables. FOBH (fear of being hungry for those who haven’t read my blogs before) hit and I didn’t want to eat the food then but I certainly didn’t want it taken away! I quickly scouted the room and my cousin and her fiancรฉ looked nicely settled so I gave them my plate with strict instructions not to let anyone take my plate away! I didn’t finish what was on the plate but knowing it was there stopped me from overeating before it was taken away. In terms of quantity of what was on the plate it was lots of sandwiches and it was easy to pile high as A-it was a wedding and it’s generally accepted that you go for a fair few hours without food at a wedding and B- (and I think this is a big one) it was quite dark so over piling the plate was fine as I couldn’t really been seen plus you got to the end of the line and walked back to your seat.
However, fast forward a week and I found myself standing in line for the buffet at a 21st. Now the big difference here was that the buffet was in a very highly lit room and not only that, in addition you had to walk back down the corridor into the main party room and pass everyone else in the queue. This immediately altered my choices. I had 2 triangles of cheese sandwich plus a little cheese from the cheese board-yes I know it’s still cheese but the QUANTITY was much lower. I didn’t want to be judged by the people I was walking passed on my way back to my table-‘she could do with cutting back on the food’ (this was despite being in an outfit I haven’t worn since October 2011 and being the lowest weight be been in 4 years).
The following day I was at a 1st birthday party and the food was set out in the dining room where nobody was sat so it was help yourself. This again was a game changer! The food I put on my plate was modest-however, as nobody could see me when I was in the room by myself it didn’t really matter if I popped another mini cheese and onion roll in my mouth! I really had to exercise self control in that room-If you have ever seen The Biggest Loser it was like being in The Room Of Temptation-God knows what would have happened if there had been a cheese board ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
2 things influenced my choices. 1- the thought of being judged (yes I know that’s not good but that’s just who I am) and 2-would I get the opportunity to eat again if I needed to?
I didn’t eat a thing after the 21st as I was full-and this was despite the fact that my husband (who was home on child duty) had left me some cheese garlic bread when I got in. I actually threw it straight in the bin so I wouldn’t be tempted.
So there we have it the answer to dealing with a buffet-make sure you know there is going to be food later on (just in case) and serve your food in a room lit with fluorescent lighting where you have to do the food ‘walk of shame’!