40lb Down!

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Time To ‘Fess Up

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Small Goal Big Accomplishment

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My Vision

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In my last blog I shared my goal structure and plan and said my next blog would be about my vision as without it when things go wrong it would be easy to veer off. So when things get tough I am going to revisit my vision and keep myself going.

I would love to hear yours.

It is New Years Eve 2016 and as I think about this year the key thing is that I got to goal! I reached goal a few weeks ago just in time for the party season! In total I have lost 62lb.

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my daughters 3rd birthday and as I look back at the picture from that day I feel so much in pride in what a gorgeous little girl I have and proud of my achievement.

Our Christmas girlie lunch saw me in size 8 jeans and size 10 top (yes I do still have boobs 😊) plus an amazing pair of heels. I had a brilliant time as usual but made smarter choices than I previously have done.
Christmas Eve saw my usual festive gathering of family and friends and this year instead of covering up in a baggy festive jumper I wore a lovely sparkly Christmas t-shirt.
I laugh when I look at the video on Christmas morning of Scarlett’s face as she realises Santa has been and I don’t then immediately think ‘God how big do I look in the pyjamas?’ I’m done with self criticism!
Looking at the pictures from later that day I don’t compare my size to my sister and think how much bigger I look but think what a beautiful trio of women we are and I feel and look amazing in my dress-my Santa hat complements it nicely 😊
So how am I feeling? I feel bloody amazing! I am glowing with happiness and my hard work in the gym has certainly paid off with beautifully tones arms, shoulders and back. For many years I have tried to hide these but now I can’t wait for summer to show these guns off!
When someone looks at me now I smile at them and don’t think that they are looking at me judging me on my size.
Here’s to 2017 and being slim and healthy for LIFE! Happy New Year 😘


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I was reading this months Weight Watchers magazine, I read the members success stories first and it always strikes me how quickly the people featured get to goal. I think I may have seen 2 possibly 3 where it has taken a couple of years to get where they need to be and it makes me feel a little inferior as I have been doing Weight Watchers for almost 2 years now and I’m not as far on my journey as I would like to be, but then, as you know from previous posts I’m no angel, easily swayed by the devil when it comes to cheese and wine and I don’t stick to the plan all the time. I know the plan works I just need to get some structure and focus going on so I’ve decided I need a goal structure.
However I can’t just keep this to myself but I need to share it with you so I’m accountable to all you lovely followers who really keep me going with your comments and messages.
As you may have read I’ve bounced around the same weight for over a year currently sitting at having lost 26.5lb (see that doesn’t look great does it? 26.5lb in 2 years? And 6 months ago I had lost more than that!) Although in fairness to myself I am smaller.
So the first target is to get back to having 2 stone off. My goal structure is based on the pounds I have to lose to get to the next target which will either be a Fab 5, Silver 7 or a percent of weight loss. Here we go:
1.5lb.  28lb  Silver 7 (4-2 stone)
2lb.    30lb  Fab 5
1lb.     31lb  15% of body weight lost
4lb.    35lb  Fab 5 and Silver 7 (5)
5lb.    40lb  Fab 5
2lb.    42lb  Silver 7 (6- 3 stone) plus 20% lost
3lb.    45lb  Fab 5
4lb.    49lb  Silver 7 (7)
1lb.    50lb  Fab 5
2lb.    52lb  25% of body weight lost plus my own personal goal
3lb.    55lb  Fab 5
1lb.    56lb  Silver 7 (8-4 stone)
4lb.   60lb  Fab 5 and Weight Watchers maximum goal weight
2lb.   62lb  30% of body weight lost and official goal target
So there it is-looks quite scary like that but it’s about taking it target at a time.
It’s all very well having a goal structure but how am I going to do it? Again this is where accountability comes in. I need to be accountable for my actions and to hit my targets I pledge to do the below:
Stop having a ‘cheat’ night of wine and cheese every Friday (I am going to allow it once a month)
Stop ‘picking’ at the chocolate tin every time I go to my mums house
Stop deciding that as its Saturday night I ‘just won’t count that wine/takeaway’ as I can make up for it in the week
Start having self control
Start finding alternatives to food  to treat myself with
Continue to share my confessions with you all so you can kick my ass when I need it!
That was easy to write but I’m under no illusion that it will be that easy to do which is why I need a rock solid why and vision. These will be in my next blog

An Unexpected NSV (non scale victory)

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I went to a workout class tonight that I’ve not been to for a few months. It’s non impact which is perfect for me as I have issues with my feet which mean impact exercise such as running, step ups etc leave me in a lot of pain.

This class is not about that although don’t be fooled into thinking that it is an ‘easy’ workout as we focus on balance and strength and it is tough.
I have been working out a lot in the gym doing weights and more recently focusing on my stretching as I hold a lot of tension in my calves-my personal trainer gave me an impromptu sports massage a couple of weeks ago in the gym to help with this and the woman next to me said I sounded like I was having a baby-I think having a baby was less painful to be honest and I punched the floor and screamed my way through my massage (much to the bewilderment of the people in the gym) however my legs felt wonderful afterwards-even if they were covered in bruises the next day! I was given strict instructions to stretch more to help with the tension which I have been doing.
I have been pleasantly surprised tonight in class as I managed to reach further than I had a few months ago. My flexibility and strength has markedly improved. I even managed to lie on my front grab both legs with either arm behind me (see the featured image-although no that is not me and I didn’t get quite that high!)) and start to lengthen my legs-I have never been able to hold both legs at the same time so I was very pleased 🙂
So even though the cheese and wine monster has been out this week and I was starting to beat myself up about spending the last 12 months getting to a certain point then blowing it instead I’m going to celebrate the fact that my gym sessions are certainly paying off and the unexpected NSV that has come with that

There’s A Birthday Coming….

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I have a BIG birthday at the end of next month. The big 40 !!!! I remember the surprise 40th we had for my dad when he was 40 I was 14 and I’ve no idea how the hell I got from 14 to 40. I don’t put myself in that bracket that I put my dad in when he was 40. On the plus side most people are surprised when I say I’m nearly 40 so that is always nice to hear 🙂

I think naturally it’s become a time of reflection and I won’t go into others areas of my life but in terms of my weight I never wanted to be ‘fat and 40’. I remember when I smoked I said I didn’t want to be 30 and a smoker and I wasn’t. I stopped when I was 28. Mission accomplished.
However it’s a very different story approaching my next decade (God that sounds old doesn’t it)?!) I’m not where I want to be and I know I’ve said this before that a size 14 isn’t ‘fat’ but it’s not where I wanted to be.
I have a Strictly Come Dancing theme for my party and when I planned this 6 months ago I planned on being a stone lighter than I am now and wearing a beautiful ball gown with feathers around the bottom with me looking like I belong on a glittery sparkly dance floor. It’s now time to face reality that I’m not going to look how I wanted. I have ordered a few dresses and one has already arrived and I nearly ripped my boobs off trying to get them in the dress and I’d ordered a size XXL (which was supposed to be a 16).I thanked my mum for nice legs last week she is also where the big bust comes from-great when you want to get served quick at the bar not so good in fitted dresses 🙂 I have 2 more dresses to arrive and the measurements on one put me at a size 20 according to their size guide! That’s made me feel great….
I still have 5 weeks to go so I’m aiming for half a stone off by then (10 as a stretch target) I have lost 2.5 in the last 2 weeks which is good as I’ve  not stuck to the plan 100% and I’m not one of those people who drop 3,4,5 pound in a week. 2 is a big loss for me so I know my goal is achievable. I’m planning meals and exercise to get there. But there is a part of me saying ‘you’re not where you were supposed to be so why bother’ but I’ve got the Angel on the case to shut the Devil voice up!
Talking about planning. We all know that planning good healthy foods is the way to stay on track but it’s 5 weeks away and I’m already planning on what I’m going to eat and drink! I’m planning on drinking lots at my party and I’ve ordered a buffet with cheese, bread, crackers and vol au vons-I was so excited when my caterer said he would do this for me instead of sausage rolls (there will be food for meat eaters but hey it’s my party and I want lots of veggie stuff to choose from) and I do love a vol au von! I’ve also planned a cheese and wine night for the Saturday then on the Sunday-which is officially when I turn 40 (5.45pm to be precise and trust me I will be clinging on to my 30s until that point 🙂 I’m not even having a 40th party but a goodbye 30s one) I’m off to Chill Factore to play in the snow with my daughter and have breakfast, then a family meal, then drinks with my friends. It’s quite alarming that I’m already planning what to eat and drink in 5 weeks and none of it will be healthy!
Is that normal???
In the meantime I will veer between the angel and the devil and (hopefully) feel wonderful on the night