Confession Time

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Fish, chips and peas in cafe
3 x jacket with tuna mayo and cheese in supermarket cafes
Chippy lunch of chips, mushy peas and a round of thick white bread with butter
2 blocks of Brie
1 block blue cheese
I block Jarslberg
2 kitkats
1 peanut butter chunky
Tube of smarties
3 full fat cheese and tomato sandwiches
Approximately 6 bottles full fat wine and 6 low cal wine
In addition to my lovely pointed meals I have eaten the above in the last 2 weeks, this has resulted in 3lb gain over the 2 weeks and a very bloated belly-it actually hurts as it feels that big.
Confession over


Feeling The Pressure

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I Wore A Skirt With A Top Tucked In

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I wore a skirt with a top tucked in!

Yes you read that correctly. Now for some that might not be a big deal but for a weight watcher who is paranoid and concerned with how they look I’m sure you will appreciate what a momentous occasion this was! (I was dressed as a superhero for work hence the rest of the outfit!)
I love wearing short skirts with a nice top but due to my size I haven’t done so for a few years. However in the past few weeks I have bought 3 new short skirts and I feel great in them!
I lost 2lb this week-I’m not sure I ‘deserved’ it as I had a big weekend but I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred plus Joe Wicks HIIT sessions a few times this week-although less than I had planned plus pulled it back food wise-fish casserole anyone? No thought not. Not one of my finest kitchen moments 😩
So 43lb down and my leader asked what my strengths were. Tracking is my big one. Even when I’ve gone over I still write it down-if I bite it I write it! It might not be 100% but for me it’s better than pretending it didn’t happen.
I had a bug that caused me to be sick all night before weigh in so although I’ll gladly accept the loss I think it’s a slightly false read so this week I need to watch that it doesn’t come back to bite me!
Thinking about strengths I think that’s why I like short skirts, I’ve spoken in the past about parts of my body that aren’t great but I accept can’t change-flat bum anyone? But the parts that I like-my waist and legs have always been smaller in comparison to the rest of my body. So short skirts are great-and where I’ve always been paranoid about my belly that is a hell of a lot smaller than it was.
I checked my inches yesterday and in the last 8 weeks I’ve also lost 4.5inches.
So I have 6lb to go until I reach my personal target and I want to do that by Christmas-because there are plenty more short skirts out there that would look great with a nice top tucked in them-and a want a sparkly one for Christmas 🙂

Christmas and New Year Hangover

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I have a hangover and I don’t mean of the head. I have a belly hangover. A big belly literally ‘hanging over’ all bloated and swollen and swinging about somewhere below my waist.

I went to a weigh in on Tuesday-my usual one is a Friday and I didn’t want to wait until next Friday and go 3 weeks without being weighed as the result would have been horrendous. I put on 3.5lb. In 10 days. That 3.5lb went on so easily in 10 days but it will take longer than 10 days to get rid of it. Plus that was Tuesday and things are worse now!
I went out for the meal for my nieces birthday on Tuesday night and had cheese and onion pie. They had made it using filo pastry so it wasn’t as bad as a big shortcut pastry crust.
Wednesday started so well. Dropped my daughter at nursery then walked to the gym in my new comfy pink hoodie that Father Christmas brought-my old gym fleece I have had for about 15 years because who cares what you look like in the gym?? I don’t understand why people pitch up with a full face of make up and immaculate hair swishing around. I bumped into an accountant a few weeks ago that I had delivered a training course to, I was in my gym gear and he took a few seconds to realise who I was!
Anyway back to the gym. I got there all ready to go and it wasn’t bloody open!! So back home I went. I was working from home so decided to go at lunch but by lunchtime it was the last thing I wanted to do. I had to have a serious motivation chat with myself to even get me through the door.
I was disappointed when I got there though because all the weight machines I use were being used by the ‘posers’ you know the ones who strut around with a ‘look how big my muscles are’ attitude and I find them really intimidating. I feel like they are looking at me and saying why she she lifting weights the big fatty. I managed to get some stuff done which is better than nothing. Before you say well why didn’t you just go on the treadmill I will confess that it is yet another gym mystery to me. What is the point of running and getting nowhere? If you want a run why not do it outside and get some fresh air and vitamin D at the same time instead of watching Good Morning Britain or a rerun of Coronation Street?
After the gym I returned home and as my husband is off this week he had made me a lovely tuna salad. My last nutritious meal was Christmas Day so my body was in serious need of it. I blew it though on Wednesday night-remember all that cheese I still have….
New Years Eve I found a box of Family Circle biscuits that we had bought in the ‘Christmas Shop’. Now I don’t usually buy biscuits because I’m not really bothered about eating them. That did not however stop me eating 2 custard creams (dipped in a cup of tea of course), 2 chocolate fingers, a choc chip cookie and a biscuit I didn’t even like!
My daughter is at my mother in laws for a couple of nights so we went to the cinema to watch the new Star Wars film-which by the way is brilliant and way better than the last 3 films that were churned out.
The husband and I did get a small pix ‘n’ mix to share (white chocolate mice, chocolate nuts and raisins and fizzy cola bottles that make you pull a funny face the minute they go in your mouth 🙂 ) then headed home where we had a Chinese. I was asleep when the clock struck midnight and have woken up with belly ache again due to a crap day of eating. I’m out for a meal tonight but then that is it!
The blackboard is coming back out today and I’m going to plan meals and exercise from tomorrow onwards. It’s now only 8 weeks until my 40th birthday party so that’s 8 weeks to work on the hangover! Here’s to a healthier 2016. Happy New Year!