Feeling Fat

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Despite my 4lb gain on Thursday I still spent the next few days eating and drinking without pointing.

I was out for a meal on Thursday night and had garlic bread and a tuna melt with chips but I drove so didn’t drink-until I got home that is!

Friday we had lunch out at a play area and had tuna mayo cheese buttie-on white bread! with chips. I also have a terrible habit of having a cup of tea and a kitkat when we go there-a 4 finger kitkat too not a 2 one.

Friday night was wine and cheese, Saturday started well but it was the one day I was allowing myself a mince pie with my Baileys thick double cream-I guesstimated it was about 20 smart points! A trip to my mums saw me eat about 5 chocolates from a box of heroes and for NYE we stayed in so it was cheese wine and crackers.

I woke feeling very ropey yesterday morning and my body couldn’t decide if I was hungry or just absolutely full to the brim.

I had some spread cheese on toast-light which I promptly threw back up. We went to my mother-in-laws for lunch and she gave me some tonic water to settle my stomach. this enables me to eat a large vegetable samosa before lunch. Lunch was pretty carb heavy. Everyone else had chicken but she had done me a large jacket potato served with a tomato and cheese pasta. She also had a dahl which was delicious. I ate the jacket, left most of the pasta (although I ate some as I didnt want to appear rude or ungrateful). She gave me 2 mini naans to go with the dhal-there was rice out but I don’t like it. I had one of the naan breads. This was followed by a large piece of viennetta then the tub of roses came out. I honestly lost count of how many I had. It was quite ridiculous.

We watched a film last night-Girl On A Train, nowhere near as good as the book just incase you were wondering-this involved yet more wine and cheese because I knew it was my last night of being a pig.

I dread to think how much more weight I have put on since Thursday. I always pile it on when I have chocolate. I can go over on cheese and wine and (sometimes) get away with it but chocolate always hits the scales. I’m feeling very fat and bloated and I’m back on track today. I have got a brand new Weight Watchers journal (I love the new journal and have enjoyed filling it in to get me focussed) and planned meals for the week. I don;t get weighed until Friday so here’s to some damage limitation



So that was Christmas

Christmas Eating, Christmas Fat, December Eating, food, Losing Weight In December, mums losing weight, slimming, SmartPoints, weight loss, weight struggles, Weight Watchers

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are done! Did you eat drink and be merry?
For me the Baileys was cracked open at 3pm on Christmas Eve. I hold a Christmas Eve party every year where we track Santa and family and friends pop in for a drink and a bit to eat. I decided to do something different this year and did cheese and crackers but with a festive twist! (I spent £50 on various different cheeses to do this and keep me stocked through the festive period)

I didn’t actually eat that much as I was seeing to guests. When they left at 7pm my daughter and I put the mince pie, milk and carrot out for Father Christmas (this is the first year she understands and I’ve loved every second of it!) my husband had left wrapping presents to the last minute so whilst he was busy doing that I relaxed and watched the soaps with some wine and cheese.
After opening presents on Christmas morning my step children arrived for breakfast-I do bacon, egg and sausage butties because it’s easy to eat-and I serve it on paper plates because who has time to wash pots on Christmas Day morning??! It is the only morning of the year where I have Quorn sausage, Quorn bacon and egg on a toasted cheese muffin with brown sauce, yummy! Well I say it’s usually the only day I have it but it’s 27th December today and I’ve just had it again for the third day on the run for breakfast!
Christmas lunch is fine with sprouts, parsnips, swede and carrot, potatoes and Quorn roast-it’s the prosecco that does the damage!
Boxing Day was all about cheese sandwiches and chocolate then cheese and wine night at my sisters.
So today I sit here with a belly as round as Father Christmas feeling bloated and very lethargic. I had planned a trip to the gym yesterday and today but that hasn’t happened because it’s too comfy in my new pjs and slippers
As I mentioned before I have lunch at my mother in laws today, a meal for my sisters birthday tomorrow night and a meal for my nieces birthday the night after that. So today is my last ‘Christmas Day’ breakfast and I’m going to eat what I want at the meals but it’s salad for lunch! (And maybe the odd mince pie and Baileys cream-have you tried Baileys cream? Its amazing but is 4SP for a teaspoon, a tesapoon! oh and there’s still the small matter of the lovely different cheeses that are sat in the fridge…..)

Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas Eating, December Eating, food, Losing Weight In December, mums losing weight, slimming, SmartPoints

Christmas is just 2 sleeps away but when did your Christmas eating start?

Mine started last Friday on my daughters 2nd birthday. We went out for dinner and I had a lovely cheese and onion pie with chips and mushy peas. My plan was to stay on track and get weighed on Tuesday but I got a bit way laid. I won’t  list all the food I ate over weekend but it involved pizza and wine. I also bought s box of eclair (the sweets not the cakes!) I couldn’t remember last time I had one and my mum and I sat absent-mindlessly eating them on the car journey home. I then looked them up and discovered they were 2 Smart Points each! I don’t even know how many I ate!
My breakfasts have been great-banana and peanut butter on bagel thin or smoked salmon on bagel thin or scrambled egg and quorn bacon but by lunchtime the Christmas monster has waved it’s tinsel at me and before you know it I’m eating a Brie and Cranberry sandwich from Morrisons-and very nice it was too-or I’ve poured a Baileys (and as we know with Baileys it only ever gets drunk at Christmas for one reason-it’s so bloody fattening!) I mix mine with ice cold milk. It’s the only time I drink cows milk as I usually drink almond milk and have done for a few years.
Today it’s Christmas Eve Eve and today I spent £50 on cheese. I should point out this isn’t all for me.  I have a Christmas Eve party every year and this year I’ve decided instead of doing a buffet I’m going to make a cheese ‘Christmas Tree’ and a cheese ‘Snowman’. I’m very excited by this!
We then have Christmas Day then Boxing Day where I will be going to a party at my sisters, the 27th will be a meal at my mother-in-laws. The 28th is my sisters birthday and we are going out for an Italian meal and the 29th is my nieces 3rd birthday and we are going to Chill Factore to play in the snow and food will feature somewhere. December is the month where the pounds in the purse go down and the pounds on the scales go up!
So what to do? The plan is to veg out in that where possible I will be piling my plate with veg and I also plan on spending time in the gym in an effort to balance it out.
Yes I will probably still have a gain but I will have had a good time, had treats but also taken care of myself and that surely deserves a toast!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Angel…or Devil?

Christmas Eating, December Eating, food, healthy eating, Losing Weight In December, slimming, weight loss, weight struggles, Weight Watchers

The devil says it’s Christmas the angel says it doesn’t happen for 3 weeks

What is it about the 1st December that means we ignore every food rule we know and eat what the hell we want when we want it??
My Christmas Day eating isn’t that bad and if I had all my weeklies plus my dailes I would stay on track-assuming that I stuck to my points for the other days. And there in lies the problem.
Why does sensible eating and drinking go out the window the minute December hits? My daughter has an elf that comes to visit on 1st December until Christmas Eve and I think I have an invisible elf that switches on a ‘wine and cheese’ button-I have had wine and cheese EVERY NIGHT this week!
Why am I dong this? In the words of Asda #becauseitschristmas
Who buys a box-sorry a tin, of chocolates for Christmas but opens it on 1st December? Even if we go down the 12 Days Of Christmas path it’s still too early.
I love Christmas and for me it stands for love, sharing, friends and family and being grateful for what you have. I adore the magic of it all and track Santas journey on Christmas Eve (the Norad site is great for this and kids love it!) -I’ve even been known to hear sleigh bells and look to the sky at midnight to get a glimpse of the magical man 🙂
On a ‘confessions’ side it also stands for eating and drinking what you want-Baileys, milk and ice isn’t something I would usually drink before lunch! (Have you tried it? It’s lovely) and neither is Prosecco (although I suspect some of the members in the meeting I go to might 😉 ) yet both are open and being drunk before midday
As the saying goes ‘eat, drink and be merry’ the bit that we don’t see at the end of that sentence is ‘in moderation’ because A-most people would fall about laughing and B-that doesn’t make the supermarkets money!
I would love to say this year I’m following my angel but I’m away this weekend at friends I then have my friends 40th followed by an annual girls Christmas lunch (which leads to Christmas drinks, drinks and drinks) then I go to see Madonna-this doesn’t really have an impact but I’m so excited I wanted to share with you 🙂 after that I have my daughters 2nd birthday and we will be out for dinner that night, I then have another 40th-it’s a good job I’m self employed and don’t have a work night out to contend with too! And I haven’t even reached Christmas Eve yet…
I plan on listening to my angel during the week but the weekends I’m going to be partying with the devil…..