Gung Ho!

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IMG_8092A few months ago I saw an advert for Children In Need Gung Ho event. If you are not familiar with this (I’d never heard of it) it’s a 5k giant inflatable obstacle course.
I have never done anything like this before but thought it looked fun and that lots of other people would agree and we would do it as a group whilst also raising money so I purchased my ticket and was looking forward to it.
However, not as many people were as interested as I thought and those that were didn’t end up booking on. Fortunately my sister signed up too.
I lost count of the amount of times I watched the videos from previous years as I worked out which obstacles would be ok and which would cause some problems.
The morning of the race arrived and I woke up at 5am as I had been dreaming about a particular obstacle convinced I wouldn’t make it over 🙈
I had heard you could bypass any obstacles if you wanted to so that made me feel ok but after a few texts from my friend I realised that if I was doing it then I was doing it all. She kept telling me to enjoy it-I couldn’t even enjoy breakfast I was that nervous!
We were in the 12.30 ‘wave’. When I had picked our race packs up I was told the average time to do it was 50 minutes so I decided to give myself 90!
We did our warm up then made our way to the starting line where I was seriously wondering what the hell I had let myself in for!
The countdown was on ‘Gung ho!’ was shouted and off we went….
Once over the first obstacle it didn’t seem as daunting as I first thought and lots of people were walking so there was no pressure to run it all. The next couple of obstacles were ok and I started to enjoy it!
We then came across an obstacle that we had to jump over and it was about 8ft high! The Marshall said run don’t stop then jump and over! I eyed it dubiously thinking that it was never going to happen. I ran, I jumped, I landed on the top of it and then I felt myself start to slide back down…my brain was saying ‘no no no, you are not doing it again!’ So with all my strength I desperately clawed and scrabbled (must have looked a right state 😂) until I got over it!
We carried on mixing walking and running-although we sprinted like athletes when we passed our family support as though we hadn’t strolled around any of it…😉
There were 10 obstacles in total and number 8 was the one that had had me awake since 5am. It was a wall with holes in and logic was telling me it wasn’t going to happen especially when I put my foot in one hole, hand further up then thought ‘what the hell do I do now?!’ Until I heard a voice from above saying ‘grab my hand’ I looked up to see a Marshall sat on top of the wall with his hand held out to help me up. Once at the top I wasn’t sure how to get down to just slid down the wall and hoped nobody saw my tshirt roll up to flash my fetching sports bra and belly!
The next obstacle was one I hadn’t seen before so was an unknown. It was bloody massive and I slipped a few times but made it through it.
Then the last one. A HUGE slide. No idea how tall it was but it was tall!
The Marshall at the bottom was brilliant and when it was your turn to go just shouted ‘GO GO GO GO GO!!’ until you reached the top.
Once at the top I was the most nervous I had been. It was so high and there was water all over the slide but I thought I can’t go back now so off I went! Down the slide and into the foam.
It took us 57 minutes (including waiting for our turn on the obstacles).
I am so proud that we did it. I would never have done anything like this before losing weight with Weight Watchers and I fully intend to do it all over again next year!


Feeling The Pressure

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I’m Still Here!

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I Wore A Skirt With A Top Tucked In

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I wore a skirt with a top tucked in!

Yes you read that correctly. Now for some that might not be a big deal but for a weight watcher who is paranoid and concerned with how they look I’m sure you will appreciate what a momentous occasion this was! (I was dressed as a superhero for work hence the rest of the outfit!)
I love wearing short skirts with a nice top but due to my size I haven’t done so for a few years. However in the past few weeks I have bought 3 new short skirts and I feel great in them!
I lost 2lb this week-I’m not sure I ‘deserved’ it as I had a big weekend but I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred plus Joe Wicks HIIT sessions a few times this week-although less than I had planned plus pulled it back food wise-fish casserole anyone? No thought not. Not one of my finest kitchen moments 😩
So 43lb down and my leader asked what my strengths were. Tracking is my big one. Even when I’ve gone over I still write it down-if I bite it I write it! It might not be 100% but for me it’s better than pretending it didn’t happen.
I had a bug that caused me to be sick all night before weigh in so although I’ll gladly accept the loss I think it’s a slightly false read so this week I need to watch that it doesn’t come back to bite me!
Thinking about strengths I think that’s why I like short skirts, I’ve spoken in the past about parts of my body that aren’t great but I accept can’t change-flat bum anyone? But the parts that I like-my waist and legs have always been smaller in comparison to the rest of my body. So short skirts are great-and where I’ve always been paranoid about my belly that is a hell of a lot smaller than it was.
I checked my inches yesterday and in the last 8 weeks I’ve also lost 4.5inches.
So I have 6lb to go until I reach my personal target and I want to do that by Christmas-because there are plenty more short skirts out there that would look great with a nice top tucked in them-and a want a sparkly one for Christmas 🙂

Small Goal Big Accomplishment

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My Vision

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In my last blog I shared my goal structure and plan and said my next blog would be about my vision as without it when things go wrong it would be easy to veer off. So when things get tough I am going to revisit my vision and keep myself going.

I would love to hear yours.

It is New Years Eve 2016 and as I think about this year the key thing is that I got to goal! I reached goal a few weeks ago just in time for the party season! In total I have lost 62lb.

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my daughters 3rd birthday and as I look back at the picture from that day I feel so much in pride in what a gorgeous little girl I have and proud of my achievement.

Our Christmas girlie lunch saw me in size 8 jeans and size 10 top (yes I do still have boobs 😊) plus an amazing pair of heels. I had a brilliant time as usual but made smarter choices than I previously have done.
Christmas Eve saw my usual festive gathering of family and friends and this year instead of covering up in a baggy festive jumper I wore a lovely sparkly Christmas t-shirt.
I laugh when I look at the video on Christmas morning of Scarlett’s face as she realises Santa has been and I don’t then immediately think ‘God how big do I look in the pyjamas?’ I’m done with self criticism!
Looking at the pictures from later that day I don’t compare my size to my sister and think how much bigger I look but think what a beautiful trio of women we are and I feel and look amazing in my dress-my Santa hat complements it nicely 😊
So how am I feeling? I feel bloody amazing! I am glowing with happiness and my hard work in the gym has certainly paid off with beautifully tones arms, shoulders and back. For many years I have tried to hide these but now I can’t wait for summer to show these guns off!
When someone looks at me now I smile at them and don’t think that they are looking at me judging me on my size.
Here’s to 2017 and being slim and healthy for LIFE! Happy New Year 😘

Children-a hindrance or a help to weight loss?

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I’ve been thinking recently about how my daughter influences my weight loss/gains. Firstly the weight piles on when we are pregnant and I know lots of mummies who said ‘oh I just walked loads and the weight dropped off’ well let me tell you I walked loads too and it didn’t make a bloody difference! Let’s have a look at both sides of the story

Weight Hindrance
Sleepless nights. 
Seriously hats off to mummies who have the ability to even string a sentence together after interrupted sleep. Making a healthy meal goes well out of the window and cheese sandwiches or take aways are the order of the day!
Ok until I had a child I couldn’t understand why anyone would eat the leftovers from someone’s plate but that’s all changed. Hands up who spends the walk from the table to the bin stuffing leftovers in their mouths so that sometimes by the time you’ve got to the bin there are no leftovers left to put in it! And its not just leftovers. The food needs checking to make sure its not too hot so you have some then find its not hot enough so cook it some more then taste it again, and again, and then maybe again just to double check 😉
Stress Drinking 
Yes we love our gorgeous, funny amazing little angels (or Devils depending on their mood) but sometimes I just can’t wait for her bedtime so I can de-stress with a glass of wine!
Lack of Working Out
I used to love early morning gym sessions but they don’t happen now and have you ever tried to do a workout DVD with a toddler around? If not let me tell you it’s very funny and you don’t get anything done as you are too busy being entertained by a toddler trying to do it too 😂
Weight Help
Running Around
Why is it the minute my 2 year old leaves the house she could give Linford Christie a run for his money?
Potty Training
Up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs down the stairs plus holding a weeing child as you run to the nearest toilet-that’s exercise a plenty!
Good Eating Habits
I’m very conscious of what my daughter eats and I make sure that I’m eating slowly and putting my knife and fork down in between mouthfuls as I know she will copy me
The Fear
This is a big one for me. I have ‘the fear’ of being the biggest mummy at playgroup/swimming/nursery/gym class. I know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others and well done to you if you don’t but I do. It’s a terrible habit and one I’m trying to stop!
Drinking Alcohol 
Yes I know I’ve listed it as a hindrance but the good thing is that who the hell has the energy to deal with a child when they have a hangover?? Not me! I even offered to drive to the last party we were invited too so I didn’t have a hangover when my little cherub woke at 6am
Role Model
Wanting to be a good healthy role model has got to be the biggest help having a child has on my weight loss. And yes there will be those days when I’ve not slept and eat crap, there will be stressful days when I will sink into a vat of wine, and on occasion I might just have a bite of that leftover toast but wanting to be slim and healthy for my daughter is the biggest inspiration for me
If you have any other hindrance/help examples feel free to share them 😊