Confession Time

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Fish, chips and peas in cafe
3 x jacket with tuna mayo and cheese in supermarket cafes
Chippy lunch of chips, mushy peas and a round of thick white bread with butter
2 blocks of Brie
1 block blue cheese
I block Jarslberg
2 kitkats
1 peanut butter chunky
Tube of smarties
3 full fat cheese and tomato sandwiches
Approximately 6 bottles full fat wine and 6 low cal wine
In addition to my lovely pointed meals I have eaten the above in the last 2 weeks, this has resulted in 3lb gain over the 2 weeks and a very bloated belly-it actually hurts as it feels that big.
Confession over


Weigh In Days Tricks

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I stayed the same this week and after a surprise 3lb loss last week I was expecting a gain as I’ve had a few stress wine drinks!
I had a switch to No Count for Monday and Tuesday but had such a manic day at work that once I finally sat downΒ at 8pmΒ wine was just what I needed.
This also happened on Wednesday…and as you know wine and cheese go hand in hand. To try and have some semblance of control I sat and ate half a bag of Weight Watchers grated cheese out of the packet like it was a packet of crisps 😳 this however is still better than a big chunk of full fat cheddar
Add to that no time to exercise and the fact that I have to check my scales every day for work (even though I get on with boots and coat on it’s not hard to have an idea of where I am even though I try to pay no attention to it) I was expecting about 3lb gain.
Thursday I pulled it back with low pointed meals and absolutely no wine.
Today was weigh in and here come in ‘weigh in day tricks’. I never weigh in jeans-I don’t think many people do and to be honest I can’t wait until the day when I can weigh in jeans. I have a certain weight that I want to get to (I’m 7lbs away from it) and when that happens I’ll take the hit the following week and weigh in jeans.
I used to always in leggings and a tunic top but it’s rare I do that now as is not really ‘every day’ clothes for me. So I tend to weigh in a skirt and top.
Today however I was going to a trampoline park after weigh in so I had a switch back to leggings. To be fair they are about the same weight so wouldn’t make much difference on the scales.
Breakfast on weigh in day is 2 slices of small whole meal bread with a cheese triangle. I know some people don’t eat until they weigh in but there’s no way I can go until 10am before eating! But I won’t have anything else other than the toast because what if I had an egg and I put on half a pound? πŸ˜‚
And no matter how many times I go to the toilet I always always need a wee the minute I walk in the meeting-you know you do it too!
My final weigh in day ‘trick’ is to wear a different bra. Stick with me on this…being quite busty my bras are pretty supportive and firm to give a nice cleavage. However I have a lacy bra that is pretty flimsy and I always wear that to get weighed in as it’s lighter. So my STS this week I’m convinced was due to my bra!
So that’s my weigh in ‘tricks’
Never drink alcohol the night before
Eat a very light small breakfast
Wear light clothes even in the freezing cold snow
Have as many wees as possible-and try and clear your system of all waste products
Wear a ‘light’ bra-hey if you can get away without wearing one then all the better!
Clearly without doing all of these I would never lose weight would I?

Hanging On……

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Feeling The Pressure

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I Wore A Skirt With A Top Tucked In

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I wore a skirt with a top tucked in!

Yes you read that correctly. Now for some that might not be a big deal but for a weight watcher who is paranoid and concerned with how they look I’m sure you will appreciate what a momentous occasion this was! (I was dressed as a superhero for work hence the rest of the outfit!)
I love wearing short skirts with a nice top but due to my size I haven’t done so for a few years. However in the past few weeks I have bought 3 new short skirts and I feel great in them!
I lost 2lb this week-I’m not sure I ‘deserved’ it as I had a big weekend but I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred plus Joe Wicks HIIT sessions a few times this week-although less than I had planned plus pulled it back food wise-fish casserole anyone? No thought not. Not one of my finest kitchen moments 😩
So 43lb down and my leader asked what my strengths were. Tracking is my big one. Even when I’ve gone over I still write it down-if I bite it I write it! It might not be 100% but for me it’s better than pretending it didn’t happen.
I had a bug that caused me to be sick all night before weigh in so although I’ll gladly accept the loss I think it’s a slightly false read so this week I need to watch that it doesn’t come back to bite me!
Thinking about strengths I think that’s why I like short skirts, I’ve spoken in the past about parts of my body that aren’t great but I accept can’t change-flat bum anyone? But the parts that I like-my waist and legs have always been smaller in comparison to the rest of my body. So short skirts are great-and where I’ve always been paranoid about my belly that is a hell of a lot smaller than it was.
I checked my inches yesterday and in the last 8 weeks I’ve also lost 4.5inches.
So I have 6lb to go until I reach my personal target and I want to do that by Christmas-because there are plenty more short skirts out there that would look great with a nice top tucked in them-and a want a sparkly one for Christmas πŸ™‚

Confessions Of A Weekend Away and Mindful Eating

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The Day I Didn’t Go To Class

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That’s my confession today. For the first time since I rejoined in April 2013, today was the first time I’ve missed it (with the exception of holiday).
So why did I miss it?
I’ve struggled this week. I had a night out on Saturday-cinema and Pizza Express. I had popcorn in the cinema but it was the skinny popcorn and I had a Leggara pizza and shared a portion of dough balls and garlic bread so I felt nicely in control but Sunday as I knew I had my uncles funeral on Monday so I was going to be off track (buffet food) I didn’t really ‘bother’. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t stuff my face but I wasn’t paying too much attention to what I was eating.
The funeral came and went and on Tuesday I was determined to stay on track and food wise I have been fine but after a few stresses with work I ‘relaxed’ with wine Tuesday and Thursday evening.
I felt horrible and I knew I had had a gain but I have in the past and this has never stopped me going to class.
I was feeling particularly emotional today and I don’t know if it was the not great choices I made in the week, the fact I felt like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters, the fact I knew I had a gain (although it was only a pound as I weighed myself at home first which to be fair is not usually a good idea), or if it was to do with a couple of stresses at home.
Whatever it was as I was on my way to my class-yes I was actually on my way-I got really upset and the closer I got to class the more upset I got. Part of me was saying ‘you need to go’ the other part was saying ‘you can’t wander into the meeting in tears’ at the last minute I did a left turn and headed up the road away from my class.
I knew I needed the class though. It would have given me an emotional hug, I feel like it would have soothed me and I just need to sit in a meeting and listen, it’s like therapy.
I knew my leader was on holiday so that may have played a part in my decision but I really felt I couldn’t have held it together.
So I went home (my daughter was at my sisters as I drop her there before going to the meeting) and I took 10 minutes to myself. I then spent 3 hours with my daughter, sister and niece in Heaton Park enjoying the sunshine and the surroundings.
That gave me my emotional hug and I feel better now. I still feel the need to be soothed by a meeting but I will be back attending next Friday and I’ve already started to plan my week to get control back.
I’m looking forward to dealing with my emotions this week and not eating-well mainly drinking them, see the results on the scales next week and take my seat in the meeting