Confession Time

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Fish, chips and peas in cafe
3 x jacket with tuna mayo and cheese in supermarket cafes
Chippy lunch of chips, mushy peas and a round of thick white bread with butter
2 blocks of Brie
1 block blue cheese
I block Jarslberg
2 kitkats
1 peanut butter chunky
Tube of smarties
3 full fat cheese and tomato sandwiches
Approximately 6 bottles full fat wine and 6 low cal wine
In addition to my lovely pointed meals I have eaten the above in the last 2 weeks, this has resulted in 3lb gain over the 2 weeks and a very bloated belly-it actually hurts as it feels that big.
Confession over


The Christmas Confession

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Confessions Of A Weekend Away

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We visited friends in Gloucester this weekend. We left early afternoon on Friday and I could have made sandwiches to take with us-actually I could have eaten before we went after all it’s only a few hours in the car. But no, road trip equals eating in the car doesn’t it? Which means when we stopped at the garage before we left I didn’t just fill the car with diesel but also bought sandwiches, drinks and chocolate!

In addition to my sandwich I also ‘picked’ at my daughters when she decided she had had enough.
When we were about 40 miles from our friends house we heard a loud bang, which can never be a good thing! Clearly something was wrong with the car but with some concentration and careful driving from my husband we got to our friends house. By the time I had spoken to our breakdown people and arranged for them to come on Sunday morning before we left to fix or recover the car it was nearly 7 o’clock and I was grateful for the nice cold glass of prosecco that was placed in my hand!
My friend had done a lovely big salad with cheese in and had also bought a mushroom and spinach quiche for me as I wasn’t eating whatever meat dish everyone else had. I had half the quiche. I’ve no idea how many points it was and to be honest before I went I decided that I wasn’t going to point but I would be mindful of what I was eating and not overdo it on portion sizes.
Later that night we had some cheese and crisps as nibbles plus more prosecco. I don’t know what it is about me and crisps but I really can’t digest them so I just shouldn’t have had any but I did and suffered with a poorly tummy the next morning.
Breakfast on Saturday was boiled egg however it was on 2 slices of normal size brown bread which isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things.
We went to a play area with my daughter and there was a little zip wire there. In the past I wouldn’t have gone on it for fear of either breaking it or looking ‘too big’ however not only did I do it but I went on a second time just so I could get my husband to video it! 😊
BBQ was on the menu for later on and I’m pretty pleased at what I ate:
3 prawn and vegetable skewers
1 mini corn on the cob
1 medium sized jacket potato
There was also a salmon fillet I could have had but I was full so didn’t have it. So far the Angel is sitting pretty πŸ˜‡
However, we had been to a vineyard earlier in the day and I had bought some lovely goats cheese crackers and date and hazelnut ‘toasts’ (and as it was a vineyard obviously I bought wine too!). Later on out came the wine-and the crackers.
This resulted in horrendous stomach ache Sunday morning as I was bloated not just from the crackers but I think also from the bread.
A big Sunday breakfast was cooked and this is where being a vegetarian really has an advantage because I don’t need to eat a big plate of bacon and sausage or politely refuse it. And to save messing around with different frying pans so my fried eggs were cooked separately I asked for poached instead. So breakfast was:
2 poached eggs
2 pieces of toast
Couple of tablespoons beans
Mushrooms (cooked in butter I think)
It was still a bigger breakfast than I usually would have had but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
The breakdown man fixed the car we said our goodbyes and off we went. We got half a mile down the road before the problem happened again so we headed back to our friends to await recovery. This took several hours and a cheese barm was consumed whilst we were waiting.
I went to the shop to ‘stock up’ for the journey home-after all the truck was on a speed limitation of 50mph, add to that miles of roadworks and people either returning home from weekends away or commuting to work ready for Monday morning and who knew what time we would get home!
Food consumed in the truck not out of hunger but boredom plus because ‘it was there’
Half a packet of Walkers crisps
4 finger kitkat
1 twirl
3 babybels
So there I was sat in the back of the tow truck feeling bloated and horrible with my jeans having a bit of a dig into my tummy but already planning on eating when I got home-and it wasn’t WW friendly!
However, I was also planning my ‘pull it back’ meals so it’s not all bad πŸ˜‰

Weekend Failure

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The Buffet!

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I have been faced with 3-yes 3! buffets over the last 2 weekends and how I acted at them was very very different.
The first one was my sisters wedding-as we already know I piled high the cheese sandwiches! I ‘grazed’ on these throughout the night but panic mode started to set in when the staff started to clear the tables. FOBH (fear of being hungry for those who haven’t read my blogs before) hit and I didn’t want to eat the food then but I certainly didn’t want it taken away! I quickly scouted the room and my cousin and her fiancΓ© looked nicely settled so I gave them my plate with strict instructions not to let anyone take my plate away! I didn’t finish what was on the plate but knowing it was there stopped me from overeating before it was taken away. In terms of quantity of what was on the plate it was lots of sandwiches and it was easy to pile high as A-it was a wedding and it’s generally accepted that you go for a fair few hours without food at a wedding and B- (and I think this is a big one) it was quite dark so over piling the plate was fine as I couldn’t really been seen plus you got to the end of the line and walked back to your seat.
However, fast forward a week and I found myself standing in line for the buffet at a 21st. Now the big difference here was that the buffet was in a very highly lit room and not only that, in addition you had to walk back down the corridor into the main party room and pass everyone else in the queue. This immediately altered my choices. I had 2 triangles of cheese sandwich plus a little cheese from the cheese board-yes I know it’s still cheese but the QUANTITY was much lower. I didn’t want to be judged by the people I was walking passed on my way back to my table-‘she could do with cutting back on the food’ (this was despite being in an outfit I haven’t worn since October 2011 and being the lowest weight be been in 4 years).
The following day I was at a 1st birthday party and the food was set out in the dining room where nobody was sat so it was help yourself. This again was a game changer! The food I put on my plate was modest-however, as nobody could see me when I was in the room by myself it didn’t really matter if I popped another mini cheese and onion roll in my mouth! I really had to exercise self control in that room-If you have ever seen The Biggest Loser it was like being in The Room Of Temptation-God knows what would have happened if there had been a cheese board 😱😱
2 things influenced my choices. 1- the thought of being judged (yes I know that’s not good but that’s just who I am) and 2-would I get the opportunity to eat again if I needed to?
I didn’t eat a thing after the 21st as I was full-and this was despite the fact that my husband (who was home on child duty) had left me some cheese garlic bread when I got in. I actually threw it straight in the bin so I wouldn’t be tempted.
So there we have it the answer to dealing with a buffet-make sure you know there is going to be food later on (just in case) and serve your food in a room lit with fluorescent lighting where you have to do the food ‘walk of shame’!

Wedding Hangover

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Keeping Up Appearances

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A couple of weeks ago in our meeting we discussed how clothes can affect your mood and make you feel fabulous-or frightful!
Not long after I read an interview with Charlotte Crosby (for those of you that don’t watch car crash reality TV shows like me she is from Geordie Shore where basically a group of them live in a house and spend their time getting ‘mortal’ (drunk) and fighting!) in her interview she said that even though she had been shown on TV having sex, fighting and wetting the bed (yes really) the thing that she was most ashamed of was that she had let herself get fat. She said that she stopped caring about herself and her appearance and for a while didn’t love herself-2 fitness DVDs later and 2.5 stone lighter she does now! It made me think how my appearance reflects my mood/headspace. And she’s got a really good point. When you stop caring about yourself I suppose it’s natural that your attention to your appearance will go too.
It’s the same when you are tired and your child has kept you up or night-memo to all you glam mummies out there at playgroups and nursery drop offs sometimes the woman next to you in leggings and a tshirt or with snot smeared all over her coat is doing everything she can to keep her eyes open let alone care about what she looks like!
This lack of caring about ourselves though for me leads to poor food choices then those food-or drink choices lead to feeling rubbish and if you’re not careful it becomes a vicious cycle.
In the meeting we discussed leggings. Ah leggings our favourite friend and enemy. They are a wonderful friend on a ‘fat’ day and are quick and easy to throw on with anything but as they stretch with us they very often hide the fact that we are getting bigger and that’s when they become our enemy. I always wear leggings to get weighed in. This is because when I first got weighed I wore them and as we all know we HAVE to ALWAYS get weighed in the same clothes because one week something might weigh half a pound heavier and it will show on the scale πŸ˜‰. I began to think more about my appearance and face the fact that I think I can’t look good if I’m overweight. So I started to ‘wean’ myself off leggings and boots and make more of an effort when I go out-even if it is to nip to the supermarket. This week with the sun shining I put a light dress on to get weighed in.
Feeling fabulous on the outside starts with feeling fabulous on the inside so from here on in I’m going to be keeping up appearances and dress to impress-but if you on the odd occasion see me in leggings, with no make up on and snot on my coat tell me I look great anyway! Cheers to being fabulous!